Jill Stein Tries To Save The World

By Bobby M.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s…Jill Stein? Reports from some very prominent people in the worlds of computer security and statistics both have been saying that we should be concerned about some inconsistencies regarding the vote counts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They have been trying to urge the people in the Clinton campaign to challenge the election results based on those findings due to all of the previous instances of hacking from the Russian government before and wondering if these new issues are related. However, the White House was asking the democrats not to do that because they were more concerned about a peaceful transition of power. Enter Jill Stein.

I would like to think Dr. Stein is doing this because she feels guilty and does not want to be remembered in history like Ralph Nader, also of the Green Party, for siphoning off enough votes to help another Republican win the Electoral College for the White House while losing the popular vote at the same time. Another great reason would be if it has finally hit home for a party that supposedly puts the environment first, that the worst thing for our planet is having a Commander in Chief who thinks climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese government. For the record, her claim for calling on a recount is that our democracy deserves to know the entire truth regarding the vote. While I welcome this recount, no matter the reasons because of my obvious dislike for Donald Trump, I cannot help but wonder if something else is going on.

As noted above, the Obama administration has some reservations about anything involving an audit of this election. Did an outside influence think these actions would be perceived better if they came from one of the 3rd party candidates? Or maybe she is doing it because someone actually associated with the Democratic party secretly asked her to do it? And while there is a chance the Green Party noticed something needed to be done by non-democrats on their own, I am willing to bet the opportunity to get some publicity and make some money are at least part of the reason (theoretically could be only one too).

Whatever her logic, these actions are essential, if only because too many people are connecting some strange patterns in the vote to the previous attempts to tamper with our elections by Russia (who coincidentally have a lot to gain for their sanctions imposed on them for the Ukraine invasion being lifted). So one of two things will happen. Either people will stop trying to tie a conspiracy theory to the Democrats losing the election, or a serious injustice will be overcome. Both cases, no matter the outcome, will only help our future as a nation and a country to come together and make the best of the situation.


  1. How transparently silly – a recount of just 3 states that Trump won. Why not recount some states Clinton won? My goodness, nobody is fooled by this BS. For once, Obama’s White House is correct… forget about it already. You lost. This is just dumb.

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