Will The Media Stop Being Spineless When It Comes to Trump?

By Bobby M.

It is mainstream media’s fault regarding the mess we are in now. Had they covered Trump’s problems with half of the ferocity they gave to Clinton’s email protocols, he would have lost in a landslide. Instead, their lust for ad revenue/ratings ahead of the welfare of the country got to be so bad, one major TV executive said (and I am sure he spoke for all the rest who thought the same), “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

On the heels of mainstream media doing Trump’s bidding for him again in their putting more focus on a tiff with Hamilton rather than a legal settlement that is proof he defrauded thousands of Americans, a summit was called. Various television executives and other prominent news outlet members were summoned to Trump Tower in what they thought would be a discussion on how to move forward with covering the Trump administration. That could not have been further from the truth as instead they got insulted, attacked, and basically treated like a kid on the bus getting his/her lunch money taken by a schoolyard bully.

Our supposed future “leader” still does not get that the press did him a favor all this time. While there were a ton of things that they reported on him negatively in general, never did they really give any of those stories the full focus they deserved, with any real context and breadth. All Trump could see was people talking badly about him, and now that he has real power, that same attitude will be used against the 1st amendment, as evidenced by that meeting. He is literally trying to scare them into covering him on his terms. Rather than cowing down to his demands, the media needs to treat him like a bully should be treated, punch him hard in the face.

They can hit him back by discussing more about all his broken promises to his voter base. Hammer him on how he lied during the campaign regarding conflict of interest when it comes to business practices. Numerous examples have come out regarding this from Argentinian lease contracts to preventing wind-farms near his Scottish golf course. Broadcast stories on all of the corrupt and illegal things he did with his foundation (of which an all-new story came out today). Talk about all the people he has defrauded; and not just those from Trump University. I personally would love to see the motivation behind Comey’s late election antics to be investigated. Those were just a sample, as there are endless ideas that could be pursued and focused on better.

Now there are reports that there are inconsistencies regarding election results, ala possible hacking. So now the hardest thing that Trump can be hit with involves that and what was already known with Russia (Putin/Wikileaks connection, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, RNC platform change regarding the Ukraine). Hit the bully hard and hit him often. Who knows, maybe showing some backbone will redeem the entire industry to where enough electors turn faithless (at least 6 have already committed to doing so), since that safety valve in the Electoral College allows them to to do so. A change to a candidate that won the popular vote and who will not start the Apocalypse.


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