The Good Things Trump Has Done

By Susan Kuebler

Since his election on November 8th (well, technically the election of his electors) Trump has received a lot of criticism from both the MSM and social media for actions he has undertaken.  Things such as having his daughter Ivanka attend his meeting with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. Not cool, but he’s still learning.

Then he agreed to pay $25 million dollars to settle the Trump University fraud case  No biggy. He did that for the good of the country.

Of much greater importance is the fact that the cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton had the temerity to address Vice-President-elect Mike Pence after the show asking him to please maintain values our country was based upon.  That act earned at least three tweets from the future leader of the free world. They need to apologize.  And it’s not really that great a show anyway (even though it’s sold out through 2017).

And the Saturday Night Live skit. He wants equal time.

And calling the heads and major anchors of most of the television news outlets to Trump Tower so he could give them a good bollocking for showing his double chins.

Then there is the little matter of his asking the President of Argentina, who called to congratulate him on his election, for help in expediting permits for one of his private ventures in Buenos Aires. For some unknown reason, Ivanka was also on that call  Maybe to take notes?

Or suggesting to one of our greatest allies, the United Kingdom, that they should dump their current ambassador and replace him with his good buddy Nigel  Farage.  That invitation from the Queen might take a little longer than expected.

The list could go on and on, but in the interests of fair play, it is also important to point out the good things that Trump has done in the two weeks since his election.

1. He called the family of a murdered policeman.  That was good.


Hang on.  I’m thinking.  I’m thinking.

Okay, I’ll have to get back to you later when he actually does something good.




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