Conflicts Of Interest

By, Jason Taylor 

The election results are but two weeks old and already Donald Trump is making his mark on America: an increase in hate crimes, cabinet appointments that will ensure this white nationalist movement gets enshrined in new legislation,and personal behavior that breaks new boundaries in government ethics.

There is no doubt that Trump is qualified only to be a puppet. The question, of course, is who will be the puppeteers? Putin? Bannon? David Duke? Giuliani? Exxon? Are any of these reassuring to you? Trump is a businessman motivated only by profit and ego. He just pulled off his biggest con and is devising ways for him and his children to rake in the cash. He could not care a bit about the devastation he will leave in his wake because he can buy his way out of anything.

I keep reading articles about things Donald Trump can’t possibly do and yet is doing. Conducting his businesses and actually promoting them in full view during the transition; tweeting incessantly about his critics, including many writers; taking credit for a factory not moving to Mexico despite the blatant falsity of any role he has played. Donald Trump’s ethics, white nationalist plans, mixing of business with the office of the presidency,and promises to roll back every single piece of legislation passed under President Obama — nobody ever mentions who will be able to stop him even if he is verging on the unlawful.

The country has elected a demagogue, a strong man, a man who promises to be the president of all the people while surrounded himself with White supremacy ideologue.

The mistake that is possible is that media, the public, and the GOP will begin to “normalize” the white nationalist movement. The GOP, in particular, must disavow these people, and if that requires disavowing some of Donald Trump’s appointments, then so be it. Once this movement is seen to be an acceptable alternative to mainstream conservatism, then the cancer will spread. If people from this movement start running for office under the GOP banner and are elected, we can see what the party could become.

The question I have is whether the average GOP politician and a member will stand up and make it clear that the direction Trump is trying to take the party is unacceptable, and if they start to dominate, they must break with this hate group. Many people voted for Trump for economic reasons. Others because they do not like the cultural shifts toward gay rights and other religiously based cultural issues. Many voted as a backlash against vested interests that haven’t worked for the average citizen for many years. Unfortunately, though, there is a core group of supporters who see an opportunity to raise white nationalism as a legitimate political movement. Mr. Trump and his minions must vigorously denounce this. My concern is that by virtue of some of his early appointments, I am not confident that will occur. We must be vigilant, and we must hold the GOP accountable for what is to come.

Trump has a welcoming home in a Party that has always been hostile to diversity in their own ranks.

Just two weeks after the election, the horror is taking grip. Trump has no intention of making America a nation for all. His appointments, his actions, his tweets all confirm the man we suspected he was since June last year. Only he’s worse, and he IS going to be the man in charge. How can it be, that a man of such impropriety, such lack of integrity & dignity, be president-elect? Many millions of people in America, and across the globe are terrified of what this man will do.

Let’s call the Trump movement for what it really is. It’s fascism.

Why is the punditry, and the media in general, afraid to use that word? Is everyone afraid to come to the realization of what is happening to us? This global move to what is called ultra-nationalism is PC for fascism.

For some reason, we are afraid to make that distinction because of any linkage to Hitler. In fact, it is PC to not even mention Hitler. America is not going to erect death camps and exterminate people. But will register them, round them up and deport them. We will create a two-tier system of residency based on religion and birth. We do have a white supremacist at the president’s side. We are flooding the administration with ex-military, hardline males. We will merge the corporation with the state to enrich the loyal super rich and do it with tax dollars. Add this all together and we make a big step into a fascist government. And to top it off, we elected them.

It’s happening here and we are too afraid to admit it. The shift won’t happen all at once, but a bit at a time. Trump is a very big shift. Once he stacks the courts with similar extreme rightists, the door to fascism is blown open.

After following Trump closely during the election cycle, I was convinced that this guy wouldn’t turn over a new leaf once elected. It’s impossible for a thin-skinned bigot and narcissist like him to ditch his disposition. He is a product of his racist father and has passed on the family legacy. His eldest son, Donald Jr. sympathizes with white supremacy, made anti-Semitic remarks and compared Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles.

As much as I want to look away, I cannot. With someone like Trump as President, if those appalled by him bury their heads in the sand, Fascism will grow — we won’t be saved by that famous “American Exceptionalism” that we think makes us morally superior to the rest of the world. As alarming as the cabinet appointments are, they are only the beginning. Investing in infrastructure is a no-brainer, and Trump vows to do so, but his plan is to privatize our infrastructure, and only invest in those portions that can return a profit to the big businesses that grab them up.

To make matters worse, per Trump’s plan, those companies will only have to pay 18 cents on the dollar for their investments: they will reap one hundred percent of the profits and charge tolls and fees to the public, who paid the other 82 cents on the dollar. Corporate cronyism has begun. The pigs are at the trough, and the biggest one will soon be in the Oval Office.

Please, let us not normalize Trump. The man’s foundation has been improperly used, his university has “without admitting any wrongdoing” just paid out $25 million, he ranted about Hillary’s “pay to play” without any evidence and we already know he is making money off his election, he refuses to share his tax returns, he plans to put his business not in a “blind trust” but with his children (whom he will likely often have dinner with them & what will they talk about?), he claims not to be a racist but offers a known racist the position of Attorney General…. It just goes on and on. When does Trump get fired!? It is wrong for this uninformed man to abuse the position of President of U.S. He who likely pays no taxes — has contributed little to support America — should not be considered to lead this nation. Instead of being polite and suggest he is slowly growing into the position let’s get tough with this con artist.

There was a chance that Trump could have centered just to the right but now with his appointments clearly hard right, there is no question that he is fostering a 21st-century version of American fascism. For those interested in Trump’s fascist lineage, look to the teachings of his father on racist discrimination against black tenants for his apartment buildings and the mentoring and tutelage Trump received from McCarthy and Roy Cohn. The worst mistake history has made with rising fascists is to be complacent. Trump is going to make reasonable looking appointments like Romney to appear more centrist, but this is only a subterfuge.

The president-elect is a vindictive idiot. This was well known before the election. He believes in the free press only so long as it gives him the fawning adulation he craves. We must trust that the Constitution and those of us in the press are strong enough to take him on. If that is catastrophic thinking, so be it. Let the man prove he is something more than the boorish buffoon he has shown himself to be.

In all seriousness, why is anyone surprised? Trump told us all along who he is.

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