Welcome to the Ulcered Despotic States of Asserica

By: David Oslin

Sports fans, just this morning a lot of people’s nightmares just got made into reality. If you believed in the rule of law, if you believed in EQUAL JUSTICE under the law. You probably don’t today. Donald Trump’s team this morning leaked the worst possible news. Clinton will not be prosecuted, folks. That’s as good as a pardon. It is truly a new day in Asserica. I don’t think I can ever call us America again.

Whether you are for or against Hillary Clinton, you need to know this: If we are not equal under the law, there is no real law. Rules of classification were PROVEN to be broken. These are laws that can have SEVERE consequences. Pay for Play with the Clinton Foundation was never fully explored. Thanks to interference from the Obama Administration, and now President-Elect Trump.

We still do not have answers concerning HER Actions on the Night of Benghazi. We do not know what was said and when. Now? We never will. Meanwhile, Snowden sits in Russia and Assange sits in an embassy. This is a decision that will echo for a very long time. If I worked at the FBI or CIA…or potentially any law enforcement agency. I don’t think I could go into work today. I don’t think I could ever go to work again. She gets away with everything. EVERYTHING. Folks God is most likely going to send that woman to hell when her time comes. But that does NOTHING for the people of Asserica.

There are now two sets of rulebooks. One for the people like Clinton, Trump, Obama, Clooney and Elected officials in general. And one for the rest of us. I don’t know if any of you get what exactly that means. But we’re all going to be finding out really quick I think. Make no mistake. If we did one PERCENT of what we believe Hillary Clinton has done, we’d be locked up in a little box at Gitmo for the rest of our damn lives!

If you have not watched or read V for Vendetta I invite you to do so. Because its beginnings are beginning to play out here. The corruption, the two sets of rules, all of it. If Clinton, after all, she has done is not investigated at the least for the rest of her life? Well, we already are going to see that because Trump won’t prosecute her. One Nation, under God? We’re many fiefdoms under Lucifer. With Liberty and Justice for None but the Uber Elite. Worst of all of this? The Little Peons who chanted ‘lock her up’ aren’t doing a damn thing right now…and they should be Screaming.

Just another day in the Ulcered Despotic States of Asserica.

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