Conservatives And The Need To Be Three Percent

By: David Oslin

Something lately has been rattling around in my head. I keep hearing it as three percent. Three Percent. So, I had to do some research on it. What exactly did it mean? Well per a few different sources, it refers originally to the population which took up arms in the American Revolution. The standing armies.

That number could be true, it might not be true. It is impossible to calculate. But it does ring true to me. Many were willing to support; not that many were willing to go to the front lines. And that at this moment describes many people on the political spectrum. No matter what you’re bent many who read this will not have the guts to truly get on the front lines of this. Think I’m wrong? Keep reading.

Because I want to make something clear, very clear to our more Conservative readers: You. Have. No. Voice. You don’t, the single party farce has won. Trump won the election. If your goal is limited government and federalism you got absolutely hosed on the national level, this year. And the Spineless State GOP’s despite their victories nationwide won’t speak up for YOU. But if most of you appear to have the illusion of a voice, like failed senator Ted Cruz or the only stalwart still standing Mike Lee. None of you have the balls to do what needs to be done.

What needs to be done? Well a massive set of resignations from Local, state, and national positions from the GOP. Many of the people I associate with in online activities have already done so. At this point, I make it a point to not associate with people who have not. The damage that has been done in two short weeks since the election to the Republican party cannot be considered any less than Fatal. As long as you remain Enamored to the two-party system. Nothing. Will. Change. And as I think about this. My mind keeps coming back to ‘Three Percent’

We. We Conservatives, we people who believe in limited government. Who believe in federalism. Are the Three Percent. If we are not, we must become that embodiment of resistance. You are officially out of time. People like us are looking for a Leader. But no one has acted. No one with the Machinery to move things forward to begin the process of establishing a new party has moved forward. They won’t, most are being held back by forces like Bill Krystal. Others just don’t have the courage. IE Senator Ted Cruz.

Conservatives can no longer wait for that Tent Pole to appear. WE must be willing to become that Pole.  To that end I implore you. The time to act is NOW. Walk off your Parties. Change your affiliation to independent. Do NOT allow this single party farce to define who you are. We are NOT the party of Trump. We are NOT the Party of Bush. We are NOT the party of racists, genital grabbers, or people who disregard the rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

I am part of THAT Three Percent. Willing to throw down anytime, anywhere. On the battlefield of ideas. Trying to preserve the very documents that made us great, that are under more assault now. Then they were under Barack Obama. When the President-Elect chastises an acting company for free speech? When the electorate is forced to choose between the most corrupt politician since Taft in Clinton and a life time Con Artist and womanizer? Who used Eminent domain to boot people from their homes?

There MUST be another choice. The Libertarian party has chosen irrelevancy, McMullin stands as an irritant but has not moved the ball forward. The Constitution Party does not have the machinery required to actually be a factor. WE Must create that choice. We must be willing to be courageous.

‘Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor’ That was the contract signed with God, and with at the time the strongest empire on the planet. That is how far, we must be willing to go if we are to finally fix what is wrong with our country. You the reader might be asking, is this guy crazy? Yes. The world around me has gone crazy. It is time for us to go a bit crazy ourselves. Because we keep trying the same things over and over, and at this point we keep expecting a different result. The very Definition of INSANITY.


  1. Right on! (sorry, listening to 70s rock brings it out of me). Anyhoo, both parties need a significant overhaul. They’ve become the love children of Narcissus and Beowulf, so enamored with themselves and their past glories that they’re incredibly out of touch with Americans. They’re all about the Party, and if the Party only exists for itself, then it should not exist (neither of them–I have voted all over the liberal-conservative spectrum, and none of them has pleased me since I first registered to vote!). Glad you wrote this, because I’m sick of the “one more choice than the Soviet Union” we have (thank you George Carlin). Actually, that’s not very accurate…it’s been the same regime for decades, with just a different figurehead, worsening trends, and a change of color scheme to give the illusion of a power shift.

  2. I don’t disagree with your rage but I do with your rationale. I must ask have you actually read our constitution? Read it slowly and methodically for understanding. It provides God given rights but is a contract with the people. I do not ask this to be arrogant or to demean your concerns which are just as real to me. I am only suggesting an equal starting point for us all regardless of political persuasion,

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