Calling All Conservatives…

By, Linda Stockton

It has been two weeks since Donald Trump won the election. In that time, a few…shall we say…unusual… events have taken place. To recap, not in any particular order:

  • PE Trump sits down with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — with daughter Ivanka in attendance.
  • PE Trump holds court for many potential cabinet post picks then tweets out that only he knows “who the finalists are” as if it’s a reality show contest.
  • He publicly demands, through Twitter, an apology for VP Elect Pence for the plea from “Hamilton” cast members for protection and consideration.
  • He blatantly admits to conflating his business and political roles, again via Twitter, when caught meeting with Saudis regarding holdings in that country.
  • He breaks first of many campaign promises and now says he will not pursue prosecution of Hillary Clinton. This, after making “Lock Her Up” a mantra at his rallies.
  • His first staff appointment is Steve Bannon. An alt-right promoter via his former position at Breitbart. He also includes Jeff Sessions who is a somewhat controversial choice for his outspoken views on immigrations and General Mike Flynn whose ability to embrace any diversity has been in question.
  • He settles the Trump University lawsuit for $25 million and then tweets that he would have had to pay more but, for the sake of the presidency, he chose to settle. Not really sure how that one even made sense…
  • He summons network executives and anchors to his office in Trump Tower for a meeting…which apparently, from later reports, turns into a tantrum about “unfair articles” and “unflattering pictures” of Mr. Trump.

In a nutshell, the first fourteen days with this President Elect have revealed what moderate conservatives and people of conscience have been saying since Trump first announced his candidacy. This is an unscrupulous charlatan who has NO IDEA how to manage a country. Furthermore, HE IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE!! Thus far, he has shown a complete lack of understanding of protocol, conflict of interests, behavior unbecoming to the office, willingness to suppress free speech, inability to make broad range decisions and a propensity for unhinged and erratic outbursts when his very, very fragile ego is bruised. The idea that he will follow through on any of the campaign promises that true conservatives hope for, such as defunding Planned Parenthood or making conservative SCOTUS choices are pie in the sky.

Conservatives do not have any representation in this man or hope for any in his administration. This is a call to true conservatives everywhere. And to patriotic, hard-working people who love this country. Rise up. Be seen. Do not live in fear.

It is said that FEAR can trigger two things:

Forget Everything And Run -or?—?Fight Evil And Rise

Now is the time for choosing how you will react. Call your congressmen and representatives. Get involved and stay involved. Do not sit idly by while fascism grows unchecked. Do not be fooled and do not become complacent. Edmund Burke, who famously said, “ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” also said,

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do but a little.”

It is by small things that great change is achieved. if there is no resistance to this new Trump machine, it will grow and overwhelm all the goodness that America stands for. It is up to each and every one of us to make sure that the checks and balances remain in place and are strengthened. Never can we relax the vigil we must hold to rein in the madness. This is a call to all conservatives to search your hearts and find your voice, do your part and save our nation.


  1. This may sound strange, but I’ll admit: I’m a moderate (that leans liberal) who wants the real conservatives to come out and speak their minds also. I’m all for enlightened discourse and a way to meet up and understand each other. However, both parties have been hijacked, so much so I think most liberals can’t grasp what the heck’s happened to the Democrats and the Clinton free pass, and the conservatives in the same boat with the Orange wonder. Maybe its time to change the parties, or better yet make more of them so that the people can stop choosing the “lesser of two evils” (which is more the “evil of two lessers”) and be able to nominate those closer to what they actually want. And get the stupid media out of the way–they’ve done everything to obscure truths and fallacies and left a very confused and hateful nation. We used to learn things, now we just hate each other because it’s easier. But with the parties being hijacked, we don’t even know what we’re hating exactly! Can we get a national facepalm now?
    Sorry so long. I doubt that got clearer as it went on,

    1. That made perfect sense and I agree. As Rodney King said so many years ago, “Can’t we all just get along?” If we took the politicians and media out of the equation, the American people would find that we all really like one another and believe in the same things!

  2. Recently I moved to a very red state. Calling most any of the elected officials would have no impact but a thousand people calling would. Regardless I call for us all to exercise the two great powers we have the ballot and our economic power. I will continue to vote for those people I respect and have general agreement on policy matters. I don’t expect total agreement on all policy issues. Second I will not purchase anything with the Trump name or affiliation. Mr. Trump may lust for power but he loves money, but it won’t be mine.

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