Thank You Sunday TV

By Bobby M.

This is a big thank you letter to shows like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons and everything else that made Sunday television the best thing to talk about in the upcoming week. We needed that because if not for the programming that was provided, we might have had to talk to that person we worked with whose politics we hated, about whatever was currently in the news. And that was especially important given the past year and a half of the most memorable (horrible?) election ever.

With Monday being the start of the work week, down time talk is usually dictated by whatever is in society’s conversation cycle at the time. Politics is always part of that, but again, there are usually people you want to avoid talking about things like that with. Thanks to HBO in 1999 with their premiere of The Sopranos, everything majorly changed regarding opening conversation points for the week. Here are some quotes from television executives to prove the point…

“Audiences have developed a primal relationship with Sunday night, which finds them in a mood that is particularly receptive to narratives and the experiences of other people.”

“It has both the anticipation and dread of the following week, so you’re in an emotional state.”

“It’s a perfect evening to play off the emotions of your viewer.”

Ever since then, Sunday has been one of the most competitive days for television, with endless examples. Did you want to be the person that had no idea who Negan killed in front of Rick on Walking Dead? Or wondering what the big deal was to everyone regarding Jon Snow being dead or not on Game of Thrones? Even PBS lovers got into the action when it gave fans of Downtown Abby happy endings for all of their favorite characters last fall. Obviously cannot mention every example like that, but the point is that when it comes to non-political conversation starters, Sunday TV can usually help set the stage for you. Other memorable shows that always gave people something to talk about which aired on Sundays are/were: The Simpsons, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland, True Blood and Westworld. That latest entry is the newest one, so if you have not figured out that it is something worth watching yet, please take this hint now.

Sundays are not just about scripted programming either. The bulk of NFL games also are also televised that day. So are many awards shows; most notably the Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, American Music Awards and Grammys. These all being on Sundays is not a coincidence because the television executives use the same logic as I listed above. So thank you to everything (though maybe we should revoke that thought for The Simpsons since they predicted Donald Trump for President in 2000) that aired on a Sunday since last summer through this fall. We needed your help to avoid all those delusional Trump lovers who fell for the con.


  1. Sadly, my relationship with the show, Walking Dead, ended this season. There’s only so much gratuitous violence I can tolerate. I used to root for Rick’s tribe, but at this point, I just want all of them to go silently into the night. I’ve also hated the turn my favorite character, Carol, took. How much angst can we endure from week to week? We do need our distractions, though, which is why I’m now watching Orphan Black with my sister.

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