Principled Republicans Have Gone The Way Of The Dodo

By, Jason Taylor 

So Donald Trump is going to pick the beautiful? He’s going to pick the brilliant? He’s going to pick someone who could upstage him? No, his first three picks are all as ‘broken’ as he is. What does it say about the person who will be our president when U.S. citizens fear him? This isn’t about giving him a chance. That’s in the past. He ran an ugly “win at all costs” / “ends justifies the means” hate raising, fear mongering, horribly decisive campaign.

You can’t put what he’s released back in the bottle, even if he didn’t truly believe in what he was selling (I believe he did and still does … ditto for his family). The damage is done and will continue. It’s now out of his control. Any sane person will stay away from his administration, as they did his campaign. It limits his choices to his family and mostly some nut balls. To join his team exposes you to becoming a fall guy (“it’s your fault, your fired”) and to being associated with the ugliness that is about to hit our country.

Trump has a quickly closing window to show the American people, the majority of which did not support him, that he is, indeed, capable of a reasonable and sensible approach to governance. His first picks for cabinet slots and advisors are, given the vast pool of true talent out there, mediocre at best, dangerous at worst. He is, it appears, assembling a Cabinet of yes men, lunatics, and zealots.

By far for me, the worst pick, is Bannon, and in a tight race for second place Sessions and Flynn. If Trump had truly wanted to “Make America Great Again” he would never have picked Bannon or Sessions if for no other reason than symbolic. I’ll reserve comment on Flynn and see if his views can be tempered by a realistic appraisal of the daunting challenges we face in sorting out the warring factions in the Middle East, in combination with his intelligence and experience. I’m not holding my breath.

It seems like we’re seeing that vindictive side of Donald Trump with regard to his picks for key positions. It’s so “in your face, take that”. It’s not a good sign. Trump has always been this way. I don’t know why anyone thinks Trump will change and suddenly start acting like a statesman or presidential. At age 70, he’s unlikely to veer away from what he knows and has worked with him in the past. In fact, under stress, people tend to fall back on what comes easier for them, even if it’s destructive. I have absolutely no confidence in Donald Trump. I don’t believe he will surround himself with decent serious people who have the country’s best interest at heart. Even if given good advice, I’m not sure he’d take it.

Trump has shown that access to him can be purchased. We see the Indian land developers saying that they plan on more dealings with Trump’s company now that he is becoming President. We read about how countries are sending their representatives to stay at Trump properties to ingratiate themselves with Trump and gain access. Under Mr. Trump, America will devolve into a bakshish driven kleptocratic country that is no different than many of the tin pot former USSR countries like Tajikistan or Belarus. Did I forget to mention, those countries aren’t much into free speech either?

I think part of the Trump vetting process is to scour people’s lives to see if there might be one decent thing they have done that would disqualify them from consideration.

It should be clear to everyone that just as with his pick of Pence for Vice President, Trump’s choices are about building a wall around himself. Pence is so much worse than Trump in so many ways that the idea of him becoming President stops anyone hoping to topple Trump (or at least he hopes). Bannon is a strategist, not a policy maker. He is the person who advised on how to tear things down. Unfortunately, that is usually only one part of a strategy, but with him, Trump ensures that he will scare the daylights out of everyone that might oppose him.

The “man” possesses the emotional range of a 6-year-old child, hence the tweets when his feelings get hurt and the lawsuits when he doesn’t get his way. We are witnessing a narcissist surrounding himself with sycophants and flying monkeys. He has no interest in doing the job he “won.”

It’s difficult for emotionally healthy people to believe that someone could completely lack empathy and conscience. We say, “surely he didn’t mean that,” and “he won’t actually do that.” Yes, he did, and yes he will. But he won’t act out of principle or for the good for the country. He will act in disordered and self-serving ways and for his own amusement. Narcissists thrive on conflict and chaos. It makes them feel powerful to control people like pawns in a game. They do not cooperate because no one else can possibly be right or know more or have more. To acknowledge that would be to “lose.” So he is unable, literally, to tolerate any dissenting voices around him. The minute one of these chosen minions dares to disagree with their child-in-chief, he will be discarded like Christie was.

That is no doubt what he is using in his various talks to turn his opponents in both parties into sheep. Only those without not in the policy and political arena voice warnings because they can while Trump still does not expect them. Note, however, how quickly he sought to close that down. They should not retreat. And, it goes on with every pick he makes. It is a strategy developed by Bannon to shield and protect the little one with the Napoleon complex and mirrors all over the place, (glass and human) for him to constantly admire himself without looking past his scary image. Like someone who has taken LSD, (maybe he has) he can look at his image and shape it into the 35-year-old he wishes he were. As for everyone else, that’s their problem, after all, he won. I hope this country and the world can survive this small, shallow man and his evil cabal.

We can only hope that there are enough principled Republicans in the House and Senate to curb Trump’s most outrageous ideas. Sadly, most Republicans have sold their souls to the Trump machine. Are you listening, John McCain?

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  1. As time goes on, I hope to get evidence that there are some principled Republicans in Congress. And when I do, even though I’m a liberal Democrat, I’ll write them and beg them to curb the base instincts and lunacy of this President Trump.

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