I Applaud The Cast Of Hamilton

By, Jason Taylor

Bravo! This election was never about politics and we need to stop normalizing and trying to be polite. This is about humanity. We have fascists in the white house calling themselves “alt-right.” We have a candidate who refused to release tax returns, installs his children as consultants and refuses to conduct himself in anything other than an arrogant, rude, and hateful manner and cooperate with the civility of the Office to divest himself of any conflict of interests including his mediocre business empire.

Donald Trump’s entire demeanor towards this incident is just another example of why so many people are scared of his ascendency. I cannot fathom that Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, or Obama would ever react this way to the same situation. In fact, I would consider it a hallmark of our democracy and its leaders that they know better than to respond so impetuously. This is not a sign of strength. Also, a president doesn’t “demand respect”. A president earns respect through their words and actions — and nothing Donald Trump has said or done shows any indication that he’s interested in earning the respect of Americans.

Mr. Trump needs to read the US Constitution. I’m sure someone will help him with the big words. The right to free speech is clear.

An unprecedented appeal from the cast politely made with the hope that Pence could embrace the values of multiculturalism off stage as he enjoyed it during the performance on stage. Trump may well get used to criticism and protest against him, his family, his policies and his cabinet as there will be plenty of reasons for us Americans to exercise our right to free speech during his tenure. It would have been so simple for Trump or Pence to just respond that they did indeed intend to include all Americans (that is what Trump said in his post-election speech!). Instead, he makes it more of a controversy. If Trump can’t learn how to handle stuff like this, he is going to have a long four years.

For the record, RESPECT is earned. These men have such an immense sense of self-entitlement that they look at everyone as if they are beneath them that they can’t be addressed even when it is respectfully done. I feel sorry for people who voted for him, while some make a good living, many poor whites don’t. He used an old tactic making some of the poor think that their skin color puts them above everything. Sadly, a rich man who doesn’t understand what poverty is doesn’t care about a poor man’s cries.

Trump is consistently rude and hateful and dishonest in his own public speech, but he goes hysterical at the slightest hint of a difference of opinion or disapproval of him. So not presidential. If he can’t take the heat from his fellow New Yorkers, why should we think he can deal with ISIS or North Korea, or anybody who is really tough? He needs to understand that there is no requirement that Americans like a president or stifle their criticisms of him. We have no king or queen. Our allegiance is to the office of the president and vice president, not to the flawed individuals who may fill those roles for a few years. Above all, Americans are loyal to the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Which, based on Trump’s own statements, he does not seem to care much about at all.

Trump hasn’t yet realized that he is now a public servant and as such subject to more critique and judgment than he can imagine. Rather than demanding an apology from the “Hamilton” actors he’d be wise to listen to their plea for unification.


  1. Our nation is stuck with Mr. Trump, his appointmentees and his views. Just as much of a concern is the fact that 50 million people supported him. These people can be labeled “working class”, disenfranchised, left out, forgotten or whatever terminology one chooses to characterize them. Regardless for all his deceits he did not cover up for what he stands. I think his followers may be deceiving themselves in rationalizing their support for him. Unfortunately we all, regard of race, religion, sex etc. have to live with him. It is good to know Hamilton is alive and well.

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