Donald Trump Settles Trump University Lawsuit For A Cool $25 Million

By, Jason Taylor 

What a surprise! Mr. “I Never Settle” (except for when he does and uses his foundation to foot the bill) turns out to settle after all. Of course, Trump adamantly denied these claims and had countless dummy websites set up so he could tout the baseless claim of a 98% approval rating. I’m sure this settlement was simply to avoid any airing of dirty laundry or negative attention — he’s already got plenty of it and surely his more sensible associates recognized the potential minefields a trial could hold. As par for the course for the Donald, he couldn’t simply let this pass, no. Trump felt the need to take to his favorite form of communication to let the world know he could have won.

Now that he has this unpleasantness behind him, he can focus on similarly scamming the country with promises about as likely as that Trump University 98% approval rating.

He’s already been at it, tweeting a brag about Ford and Lincoln production, as if he alone — by virtue of his “friend Bill Ford” and his status as the president-elect, not to mention his great brain — swayed a huge corporation by pressuring them to stay put, as a show of gratitude for the “confidence” shown him by the people of Kentucky. As expected, the only truth is that Ford is staying put with that manufacturing site — because it was never headed elsewhere. As expected, Trump used facts to form his own reality, then spread his own propaganda.

This was not a “nuisance” settlement. State Attorneys general seldom obtain such large settlements. Trump was 100% liable, but he’ll spin to his base that he did it to avoid distractions from the presidency. He is beyond shame simply because he commits shameful acts to frequently to focus on any one of them.

Of course he settled… to not settle would have exposed his deepest, darkest secrets to the entire world. This despicable man is a pathological liar and, I contend, a psychopathic con man and sexual predator. That he will be our next president is gut-churning, unimaginable and indefensible. The examples of men he has chosen to lead our country defy common sense, or common decency. Two of them are racists and should be sidelined on that basis alone.

We have a reasonable expectation that our president-elect will fill Cabinet positions with a full spectrum of citizens whose race or gender have no bearing on their qualifications. Old white men are not the only qualified individuals who can fill these positions.

It continues to stun me that this man received the nomination and then prevailed in a general election. And, you will never see those who voted for him acknowledge his ongoing rapacious behavior. They are bound to be in denial and will fabricate excuses so absurd for his failure to deliver on his promises to be the voice of the working person. The pain associated with realizing that not only were they conned, but were told repeatedly in great detail by any number of credible sources.

I will apologize in advance but it is now official. Half of the American populace is profoundly stupid. Donald Trump’s election proves the US is a nation of idiots. Trump’s ascension to the presidency is testament to the fact Americans are loud, illiterate, and ignorant. Trump is a reflection of his voters.

You’ve been Trumped, America…and the end result will be completely catastrophic.


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