You Bought It; Now You Need to Fix It

By Lorana Hoopes

When some of my liberal friends said that if Trump won, racism and hatred would reign, I didn’t really believe them. I couldn’t vote for Trump, but I understood why some of my very Christian friends did. However, two weeks later, I am starting to think my liberal friends were right.

There has been an increase in hatred and racism since Trump was declared President-elect. To be fair, there was also an increase when Obama took office, but they didn’t record them the same way eight years ago that they do now, so it’s hard to say if the number is higher or not. What I don’t remember is all the racial pictures, all the threatening of minorities, and all the unmitigated attacks of people who spoke out against Trump.

Yesterday on my Twitter feed, a post appeared encouraging Trump supporters to go and give Megyn Kelly’s book one-star reviews. I couldn’t believe anyone would actually do that, as Megyn Kelly even has said that she and Donald had a good talk and are on good terms, but I went over to Amazon to see. The day before yesterday the one-star reviews were 25% of her reviews. Last night, they were 49% of her reviews. Here’s an example of the stellar comments on these reviews: “Wow get over yourself. You’re not that good ! Used to be but sadly has lost the common touch. Will be fun to watch you on another network. Without Oreilly audience before you. I also lost my father. At age 12 and also a week before Christmas. So I can relate. But your treatment of Newt and Trump was inexcusable .” and “Book sucks ass.”

From reading most of these, it is clear that these people didn’t read this book and are only trashing her because they feel she was mean to their “god.” This is not right, and it’s not decent. I haven’t read this book, but I’ve spent hours writing books. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but these negative reviews hurt the performance of the book, and they’re not even about the book. They are about Kelly’s treatment of Trump. This is exactly what the liberal left feared – unfettered retribution against anyone who dares to go against Trump.

Donald Trump himself needs to come out and tell his followers to stop this nonsense. He needs to tell them that he won; there is no more need for retribution. If Trump wants to be a good President, he needs to unite people, and this behavior from his followers is only creating a bigger divide.

As Trump is trying to put a cabinet together, good, decent names are being floated around, but many are wary of joining Trump’s cabinet. This isn’t because they don’t want to help, but because they don’t want to be linked to these followers who are attacking anyone who disagrees, who are sending minorities deportation notices, and who are attacking their neighbors. Trump won’t get good leadership if people are afraid to join him.

To all the Christians and Evangelicals who voted for Trump: I understand why you voted the way you did, but now you need to be vocal. Now you need to stand up against this behavior. Not all of Trump’s supporters are deplorable, but these few vocal cult-like ones are, and they are going to give all of Christianity a bad name if you do not make your voices heard and stop them.

As for Megyn Kelly, I believe she will be okay because she is a good journalist. Her ratings are always high because she does a thorough job. She doesn’t play favorites as much as some of the other hosts on Fox, and she’s one of the few I will still watch. Her book will probably still do well because of who she is, and because some people will buy it just to support her and go against these Trump followers, but that doesn’t make it right.

What happens when they start attacking your neighbor or the person down the street who doesn’t have the fame to save themselves?

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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  1. Ask your friends Obama & Killery why they’re not speaking out about the riots George Soros is paying for? You’re just another crying Never Trumper. Go find some hot chocolate and your safe space. By the way Megyn Kelly is only in this for money.

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