#DrainTheSwamp As Bigger Monsters Thrive

By Bobby M.

Everyone heard Donald Trump’s promise to remove corruption and political favors from Washington D.C. The man lied at such an unprecedented rate during his campaign, that apparently none of supporters care that #DrainTheSwamp was just a catch-phrase as part of his con job to them. Common sense would dictate that all of the people Trump is debating as part of his cabinet would never be placed in positions of power of any kind. But instead, a draft-dodger who hid his own taxes, lied about charity involving an illegal foundation, and bragged about all of the politicians he paid off in the past, is being allowed to choose corrupt people to shape our country’s future.

The possible new Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani, had a legacy of corruption and racism long before he became a surrogate for Trump. But recent revelations have come out that if placed in the top international position for America, there could be such pay-for-play conflict of interest concerns that it would make the people that embellished about the Clinton Foundation blush. Another horrible candidate for Secretary of State is John Bolton. The man has pushed for so many wars, that if you looked up the definition of warhawk in the dictionary, there is a very good chance his picture may be shown. I would not doubt if they are the voices behind the anti-Muslin sentiment towards a registry database and internment camps being pushed on TV news either. Both of them have a major backer in Sheldon Adelson (major big money donor to GOP), who apparently wants those two involved in the administration somehow. And I thought Trump said he would not be beholden to any of his financial backers?

The just named National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, has so many connections to Russia, it should scare every single American. That would be chilling enough by itself, but it is the stuff of nightmares considering it is on the heels of how the Russian government has been proven to have meddled in our elections with the various DNC hacks. It was even recently discovered that he was consulting with foreign clients while receiving classified national security briefings. Next we have a possible Treasury Secretary in Steven Mnuchin who is facing multiple allegations of racial lending practices, while at the same time looking like a champion for the same Wall Street Bankers who collapsed our economy a few years ago.

The biggest monster of them all will be our next White House Chief strategist in Steve Bannon. Considering all of the racist and sexist things he did while in charge of Brietbart news, you’d think he would be the first person deported out of America as opposed to trying to dictate deportation policy (and other hateful things) to the next President. His followers have only just begun in their multitude of racially charged attacks against non-whites in our country that should make everyone uncomfortable. The same train of thought to put Bannon in authority led to another appointment of a racist in Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. The man was denied a judgeship due to racially charged comments, but now he will be leading the Department of Justice?

Let us also not forget that one of the greatest uses of government corruption has historically been the use of earmarks in legislation. This practice was ended under Obama’s administration. But one week after the election, House Speaker Paul Ryan is making a case to bring them back as soon as possible. So good job to all of you who voted for Donald Trump to supposedly end corruption as all you really did was vote to empower it.

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