The Perfect Storm

By, Linda Stockton

1. a detrimental or calamitous situation or event arising from the powerful combined effect of a unique set of circumstances.

In the aftermath of an election season like no other in history, we are witnessing civil unrest in our society which is at least equal to the discontent many silently endured prior to the election itself. For many, the corrupt machinations of our politicians, along with a deceptive media, had already brought the level of anger and despair up several notches to outright rage and anarchical thinking. The elitism of the well-to-do class and the desertion of political icons who promised hope and change further alienated the common man.

For the hate-filled, fed up and, let’s face it, desperate far-right faction, they saw a savior and a conqueror in Donald Trump. For the moderate right, many who abhor Trumpism and all the nastiness that goes with it felt betrayed by their party but couldn’t stomach a vote for such a blatant liar such as Hillary Clinton. Many of these good decent people held their noses and quietly, discreetly, voted for Trump with their fingers crossed that their gut was wrong and he would somehow, miraculously, turn out to be a good leader.

On the left, the party faithful rallied around Hillary Clinton because, well, she is a Clinton. And her husband was a charismatic solid leader, even if he was a little slimy and sex addicted. The Clinton name is sacred in leftist politics so the stalwarts sang her praises and put all their eggs in the Hillary basket. Those who felt bamboozled by Obama and his grand promises which never materialized were skeptical and, shall we say, less than enthused over Hillary. However, they were so offended and appalled by Trump and his brand of political incorrectness (as most of the country was-and is) that they voted against him…therefore, Hillary.

November 8th was a dousing of ice water in the faces of almost all Americans. And our behavior, by BOTH sides, is showing how very ill-equipped we are as a nation to deal with surprises. We have left on right attacks, right on left attacks, left and right on moderate attacks-verbal, digital, and physical. We have children, children! being bullied over politics. People being told they may lose their jobs because of how they voted. We thought that we had sunk to a new low with the vitriol and disgusting antics and verbiage tossed around during the campaign. We were wrong…it is infinitely worse now.

And now, we have, essentially, two leaders. President Obama and President-Elect Trump. President Obama is unable or unwilling to quell the anger and be the calm presence and national father figure that the country needs right now. We need a comforter-in-chief. We have an orator who no longer cares to give speeches because, well, he’s almost outta there and can’t wait to nap on a beach somewhere in Hawaii. He is done. And with Trump, we have a petulant celebrity who is playing Mr. Popularity with his alt-right supporters and trying to juggle his ego and his narcissism while judging contestants for cabinet positions. He is much too wrapped up in himself and his greatness to care about what happens to the country.

So, the angry American people are escalating their emotions and their disruptive, non-productive behavior. They are acting like children either on a sugar high or throwing a tantrum.

Our two hapless, feckless “leaders” are blind and deaf to the amplification of discord within our society. Neither has the will or if we’re honest, a clue, of how to calm the tempest.

When we combine these two unique circumstances, a calamitous event is likely to occur. The perfect storm. Take shelter folks.

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