The New Face Of American Hate

By, Jason Taylor 

The churning emotions I have felt since last Tuesday rival those I have felt when people I loved throughout my life — like my grandmother and my best friend — died. Something in America died last week.

But my emotions now include a seething contempt, not only for Donald Trump and the fascist Republican Party which made this all possible (sorry, but there is absolutely nothing separating the GOP — Paul Ryan included — from what Trump and Bannon represent; they are intertwined), but also contempt for those who voted for them, or did not vote.

The grotesque ugliness of spirit represented by a white supremacist advocate like Bannon being part of Trump’s inner circle speaks volumes about Trump and about Republicans, especially those craven Republicans who remain silent, members of the self-proclaimed “Party of Personal Responsibility”; representatives of the equally craven “values voters” who put them there.

Bannon wrote, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that’s the ONLY thing that will make [Republican leaders] do their duty.” And what duty is that?

That would be the duty to make America white again (Mr. Trump’s dog whistle decoded). The duty Bannon speaks of is to oppress minorities of color in a white-ruled America. Mr. Bannon wants the Republican Party to legislate his hate into law. He called for an outpouring of hate and that hate won the day. What Trump’s election is doing is taking a dirty discarded needle and injecting Bannon’s hate into America’s arteries.

Trump , Bannon , Guiliani ,Gingrich, the advocates of hate will realize when they are in power the reality of governing , instead of shouting disgusting lies from the bleachers they will be expected to deliver results. They, in turn, will become victims of the Coulter’s of the world as they fail to deliver on their promises. That’s no big deal. What will be a big deal is the young person who sees his parents and community continue to struggle, cry out

“the King has no clothes”

This cry will expose that the Trump Administration has no idea how to achieve real and lasting growth as promised to so many.


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