An Error in The Beginning is An Error Indeed

By, Jason Taylor

Donald Trump has begun his transition from real estate mogul and reality TV star to the leader of the free world, and it’s been a rocky seven days. With his Twitter privileges back in his control, he immediately took to the social network to lambaste the media, and those protesting his election to President of the United States.

President-Elect Trump wasted no time in naming Steve Bannon Chief strategist, an anti-Semitic, white nationalist to his team. Along with establishment hack Reince Priebus as chief of staff. For those that thought Trump would rein in his wild ways, or suddenly become a model of decency, sorry, there is a no return policy. We are stuck with this megalomaniac for the next four years, or until Trump does something so out of bounds that impeachment would be in order.

My fear is that American people will normalize/get used to this monstrosity in American history. It is never okay to legitimize racism and bigotry. Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump made a clear case for his platform that if he is not racist, he will appeal to racism. Furthermore, half the country, including Christians who falsely claim to preach the gospel, felt that racism was not a deal breaker.

People don’t simply see Bannon as a voice of racism. He is racism personified.

These extremist cabinet appointments won’t work.

Dividing this country is not what we need right now as there already has been enough. These appointments are a horrible sign of a disastrous decision making and basic latitude and common sense.

Instead of meeting people in the middle and working from there, his initial cabinet appointments are alarming. I guess at this point all his working class promises only apply to white Christians. What is this? He’s burying himself and ruining our nation in the process. But is it all his fault? How did we get here? Was this done overnight? Is it all about race with him?

I think as a president, the worst thing for people to expect (from an American president of such a diverse nation) is incitefulness. As established leaders the worst thing for people to see from them is dismissiveness.

We created this man. Everything dysfunctional felt right into place and now it’s been all laid bare. For some of us going through personal challenges, it’s hard to fathom what kind of future this country will have with such a reckless and unqualified individual will have. People in big cities are so diverse, and since most of Trump’s votes are from rural areas, I see a rural/urban divide that may be some type of new nation.

Former hardcore #NeverTrump folks keep saying: “Give him a chance”, but am I the only one that paid attention to this year’s election cycle? This is either a stupid and a reckless disregard for optics; or it is just part of who the president-elect is, at his core, in favor of (or at the very least, nonchalant about) bolstering and supporting hate groups with extremist, wacky views. Trump seems to me very one dimensional; he sees everything in terms of what it means to him and his actions are focused on feeding his never satisfied narcissism. I wonder how long it would take our enemies to figure how to manipulate him to their advantage and our great sorrow.

Sure, give Trump his chance, he won. However, it seems any signs of reasonableness seem out the window when you look at who he’s looking for in his cabinet. Not just Bannon, but Jeff Sessions is one of the most reactionary Senators in a group of reactionary senators. Look up his votes and statements in the Senate. Nor does it make much sense to choose Bolton for Secretary of State. If President-elect Trump wants to “re-set” relations with Russia, why would he choose Bolton, an avowed anti-Russian crusty old Neo-Con who was more hawkish than even the rest of them. Of course having a climate change “denier” is just classic. All this bodes well for my confidence in this man.

I should add also to my last that adding Sarah Palin as the Interior Secretary is certainly adding to the brilliant and best people he claimed will be helping him. You think the Obama administration was dysfunctional, This is gonna be a train wreck.

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