The Alt-Right Has Found a New Home… The White House

By, Jason Taylor

We have been told by the national prominent figures and institutions that we should give Mr. Trump a chance. We have been told by our neighbors who supported Mr. Trump that he said foolish things and didn’t mean them and we should give him a chance. We’ve even been told by Democratic party leaders and leading Liberals that they know Mr. Trump and that he is no racist and that we are obligated as good citizens to give him a chance. Yet, Mr. Trump has appointed a “gentlemen” to a key position in his administration who is associated with a publication that regularly attacks and dehumanizes Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics.

When Steve Bannon is given as much power inside the White House as Reince Priebus, an honorable (if uninteresting) man even if he is an ideologue, then a major reset is necessary.

One asks why the new president values Mr. Bannon so highly? It cannot be that he is steady and clear and deliberative; a man who subscribes to the partnership between governing and the governing through the usual lens of “we may have our differences but we’re all Americans.” This is what W., and his father before him, or even Ronald Reagan or Gerald Ford, or (gulp!) Richard Nixon, may have thrown out after their electoral victories. Donald Trump’s employment of Mr. Bannon in the corridors of power will have the same effect as a serrated knife: cutting and deeply divisive. One would be a fool to imagine that the president-elect doesn’t for a moment know what he’s doing.

Given Mr. Trump’s ignorance about the federal government, one might expect him to lean heavily upon the already-entrenched bureaucrats and lobbyists on K. Street to supply him with the thousands of names that he will be under great pressure to provide. Time mitigates against reflection, and in Mr. Trump’s case, reflection is his least appreciated virtue.

We’ve grown used to the media pretending that the GOP establishment is behaving ethically & responsibly, instead of rewriting the rules whenever it suits them. We’re used to the GOP relying on the far right propaganda industry to concoct the hoaxes & smear campaigns that keep its voters angry & obedient, while the mainstream media turns a blind eye. Now we are asked to imagine that Mr. Trump, who ran on a platform of unapologetic lies, authoritarian & racist rants, & trashing the rule of law, will be tamed by the GOP establishment’s “professionalism”.

I would point out that the GOP establishment has in fact already long been tamed by the fascist criminality represented by Mr. Bannon & Mr. Trump. The establishment’s imagined “professionalism” has more to do the media’s and the Democrat’s complicity than with any adherence to the law or the public interest. This is simply terrifying. Fascist societies are not built by individual leaders ex nihilo, but out of the failures of institutions, & the willful blindness the public, the media, and the opposition.

Trump and his paranoid micro-manage style will turn even scarier once the press starts asking questions. He’ll be advised to shut out certain journalists, and entire news organizations the moment he makes a misstep. The people he has surrounded himself will be whispering in his ear fueling what they know is true, he’s a sociopath and the way to undermine him, manipulate him, and achieve their own goals, is simply to tell him, he’s great and everyone who disagrees, is out to get him. We haven’t begun to see the mess. The uneducated people who voted for him, don’t understand or care. The country is in danger.

This Nation has been duped. Conned. Had by a snake-oil salesman who would’ve been nothing without daddy’s help or a honed ability to screw people over. We used to be a nation of doers, dreamers, and believers. Of men and women, despite their differences, believed in the power of a people bound together in a common purpose. No longer can I buy into that reality.

What strikes me most about this election is that the right-wing, chest-beating, pick-yourselves-up-by-your-bootstraps, no-help-necessary “America” essentially blamed their hardships on the Other People. But if those Other People had hardships of their own… well, then, that’s just their fault. We’ll be peeling back the layers of hypocrisy for years to come.

To the poor hopefuls who believed Trump would hear you…you’ve already been forgotten. You gave him the only thing he and his cronies wanted, power. They hate poor people, unions, working class, women and blacks. White , Rich, Arrogant and Privileged — that’s the next four years. Your factories will never again billow smoke from its rusted stacks. You’ve been hoodwinked.

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