Pardoning a Clinton? You’re joking right?

By: David Oslin

So No justice is better than justice? That’s the message from Leon Wolf over at The Blaze. No. No way in hell can we and others accept this. The article in question:

Obama should do the GOP a favor and pardon Hillary Clinton

This particular member of #NeverTrump also wanted no part of Hillary Clinton in the white house. Benghazi sticks in my craw even now. The scandals and the disasters piled up over the course of the campaign only further setting my stance of Never Trump or Hillary. But for anyone to suggest that justice not be done especially from The Blaze is unconscionable.

The Clinton Foundation investigations alone should not only be allowed to continue but should have the heat turned up. There is lie after lie after lie, Crimes bordering on the dictionary definition of TREASON are among the possibilities. Any objective reading of the facts currently known to the public would suggest she is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. I would be at a total loss if I had not read the article entirely.

A quote from the article

I don’t mean to imply that Clinton did not break the law — it’s fairly clear that she did, as FBI Director James Comey laid out in the testimony he gave to Congress. But the reality is that ordinary Americans break the law all the time and aren’t punished. As many conservative think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation have noted, our byzantine criminal system contains tens of thousands of statutes that bear possible criminal penalties for violating them, and there are hundreds of thousands of additional regulations that carry possible criminal penalties for violating them.

In a groundbreaking 2011 book, Harvey Silverglate explained — in terrifying fashion — how the average American unwittingly commits multiple potential felonies a day. The only reason all of us are not in jail is because law enforcement agencies and prosecutors use discretion (sometimes unwisely) and choose not to prosecute most of us. This problem presents its own challenge to the rule of law that is without question more serious than letting Clinton off the hook, but I digress. Virtually no American can say that everyone who breaks the law must be prosecuted for doing so, because we all break the law on a regular basis, whether we realize it or not.

The Blaze is equating criminally negligent homicide, and TREASON. Not to mention HUNDREDS of violations of national security statutes. To the byzantine myriad of violations, this government forces an American to make on a daily basis!? This is astonishing. Absolutely astonishing to hear from one coming from one of the actual conservative voices that remain after the 2016 culling of Trump. He then suggests for all of these crimes that her losing the election is enough punishment. No Leon. It is not. Not even close. There is a criminal conspiracy taking place even now. We have foreign donations impacting this campaign tied DIRECTLY to Hillary Clinton.

To move on past the Clintons will not happen by Presidential Pardon. It would be the ultimate expression of two sets of rulebooks. To make this stop it must be made clear that ALL are equal under the law. And now. Finally, after having to be stopped by an executive branch that has done everything possible to Shelter Mrs. Clinton from criminal prosecution and civil litigation when there is a CHANCE to see true Justice done and put an END to the Clinton Crime Family? You, sir, want Barack Obama. A resident of the Spite House to Pardon Mrs. Clinton.

And you might be reading this and asking yourself WHY Mr. Wolf Wants Clinton Pardoned.

International Perception and Unity.

Unity at the cost of some of our highest supposed principles and the rule of law forever permanently being destroyed. Should this happen, there truly will be two Americas. There will be a rulebook for the uber-elite, and a rulebook for everyone else. The Pledge of Allegiance will be Nullified and the rules of Classification will have no place in America ever again. This piece is some of the highest BS I’ve seen coming out of the Blaze. And that’s saying something. Especially with Trumpers like Tomi Laren and Chris Salcedo leading the charge.

In my first piece since the election, I basically said I was ready for war. I don’t care who the opponent is. With Steve Bannon taking a prominent role in the West-Wing , and Lewandowski potentially also taking a role with Trump. The honeymoon for me is already over. Clinton being pardoned is a Worst Case Scenario with long-term consequences. Pardon her? You better be prepared to pardon Assange, You sure as HELL better Pardon Snowden on Day 1 of a Trump administration. And you will also forever need to end the rules of classification.

What a world we live in when sane people think a Clinton Pardon would be a good thing.

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