I Used To Eat Eggs


By Lorana Hoopes

Growing up, I didn’t like eggs very much because I thought baby chicks were inside them, and I didn’t want to eat baby chicks. Even at a young age, I was against killing babies. Somewhere along the way, someone told me that the eggs you buy in the store couldn’t hatch babies. I can’t remember exactly what their reasoning was, but it made sense at the time. Until I saw this video.

See the same thing that happens here is what happens with us. That “clump of cells” they like to call babies?

Yeah, they’re only a clump of cells for a few days.

By 5 weeks (before most women even know they’re pregnant), the heart is beating and the hands and feet are forming, just like you can see in this video. By 6 weeks, brain waves can be detected. By 7 weeks, the baby is moving. Week 8, you can see the nose, upper lip, and ears. By week 9, the reproductive organs have formed. This is all still in the first trimester, by the way, which is when most abortions are done. Most other countries deny abortions after 12 weeks, but not the USA. We’ll give him to you up until birth if you want.

My liberal friend who posted this said she’ll no longer eat eggs. Neither will I, but when I told her this was why I was opposed to abortion, her answer was “Come on.” Come on, what? It’s clearly here in this video, and if seeing a baby chicken form makes you want to not eat eggs, how can you know a baby human forms the same way and still be okay with abortion?

I’m not enthusiastic about Trump’s election so far, except for one thing. I am hopeful that he surrounds himself with pro-life people. I am hopeful that, even if he can’t repeal Roe v Wade, people get educated about abortion. I am hopeful that we will start to stick up for these “clumps of cells” that have a heart and a brain different from their mother’s, which makes them a person who deserves rights.

If like me, you watch this video and the thought of eating eggs in the future makes you queasy, then please spread the word for “life.” Tell your friends. Tell your family. Educate yourself and help save the innocents.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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