Marvel’s Schizophrenia

By: David Oslin

So I went to see Dr, Strange on Friday. And I’m going to keep this as light on spoilers as I possibly can but there might be spoilers for anything Marvel Related. So if you haven’t gotten caught up on the Cinematic Multiverse…oh that’s a spoiler in of itself. STOP READING.

Ok. If you’ve been watching since Iron Man you know that the MCU has undergone some major storytelling changes. Most of them evolutionary in nature but the general tone of these films politically would be middle of the road, or to the right of it in most cases. Winter Soldier 2 (Fairly Libertarian) being the most extreme until the civil war. (Progressive)

And by this, I mean the tone, the overall message. None of the MCU films have gone Overtly political. Yet. I hope and pray that day never comes. But there have been some startling moments to be sure. The same studio that produced Civil War just brought Dr. Strange to the party and kicked open one HUGE box of worms….Actually no they didn’t just kick it. Marvel Studios stomped right down the middle of the hallway with a box kicked the ass of every badass that could possibly stop it dropped the box right in front of you and MADE YOU open it.

In the process, it told an incredible story of loss and pain and how one man walked through it all. It told another story too, how the ends justified the means. How the rules could be bent when needed. This movie made you think if you knew the score. It set up something no one saw coming. It brought another Infinity Stone into play. But most importantly…it brought a Doctor…who was a real Doctor.

The Character of Dr. Strange can be equated to one part Dr. House one part Tony Stark an arrogance, humbled by events, with a combination of knowledge that only matches the smartest of a generation. In this, we find the storytelling battle within Marvel.

You’re probably wondering at this point why a political blog is talking about this? Well Simply put we don’t just do politics here. This is coming from Disney, who controls Marvel. Disney is one of the largest players in television and movies. They have a very real say in how stories are told. Stories matter. If anyone ever tells you they don’t, they’re not worth your time. Even what we do here on this website, we’re not stenographers we’re storytellers. Our content determines the type of story. Our minds and our hearts determine how that story is told.

Story matters, Gamergate was and is political correctness in storytelling on the video game stage. Gaming ‘journalists’ for lack of a better term got caught with their bias exposed. It forced a large section of the population (who used games to escape the political bullcrap) to confront issues they’d long since not wanted to deal with. Pent up rage and anger was unleashed with a vengeance.

The story though is why the actions of Marvel speak to a growing battle within the organization. If you’ve been following their Comics you know of major changes and major storytelling issues. In my opinion, it links all back to a few very infamous quotes.

‘Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.’

Change our traditions? Change our History? Oh yes, Marvel has been moving in that direction for some time now. See Tradition dictated certain norms, and they went across the entertainment industry. Certain people were good guys certain people were bad guys and you NEVER crossed those lines.

But you see, certain people want to change who Americans are, they want to change the very CORE of who America is. And to do that it does not just take the heavy hand of government. It takes manipulation on a far higher level. Manipulation of our children, in our schools and in our homes. In our schools? Common Core is doing damage on a cosmic level it may be irreversible for a generation.

In our homes? You change the way stories are told, you cross those lines you ignore the stories of the past, try to bury them in minutia. You Let Captain America live in the movies, you make him an agent of HYDRA in the comics. You let someone wearing his shield assault people who believe in limited government. You make sure someone completely unknown comes out of nowhere to take the place of Tony Stark skin tone and nationality be damned. That happened way too fast for a proper retiring of a character. (Not that Stark is out of the game by any means in comics) But you can expect moving forward Marvel to likely adopt THIS version as a Successor to Iron Man post-Infinity war.

The same people who have done this? Are the same people who brought Phil Coulson back from the dead, cut off his arm, then gave him a new one with enhanced options. At the same time also proved that a small dedicated group of people COULD change the world! And this is where we really get into it. I can’t tell you what is going on in the corridors of Marvel Studios. But it is astonishing to me that the same studio that brought you the utter Travesty of the movie ‘Civil War’ is the same group that brought Dr. Strange to the party.

Unfortunately, it is not just in one area this battle is raging but this is one where the struggle is most prevalent. The Same Group of people that are putting together a Female ‘Tony Stark’ just launched Luke Cage on Netflix. One of the most inspiring and amazing series on Netflix for the record. In any other year, this series sparks a Firestorm. I think it still can in honestly.

There is a battle on for the core of Storytelling itself, I wish I could say that’s a stretch but honestly it’s not. The worst part is only in the broadest terms can I give you an idea of who the players are. There are those who seek to change everything. Seek to change the core of who America is by planting new stories and not allowing you to see the old ones. Then there are the people doing everything they can to preserve story whether they realize it or not. That the names places and actions MATTER and they know it.

The same company that produced one of the most epic Panels for a comic book. EVER. Is the same company that set loose Captain America on people who respected the constitution.

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  1. David you are spot on! We are as a culture the end result of the stories we choose to tell and the stories that our ancestors told before us. There is an importance to storytelling that is sadly glossed over by many these days. BTW Luke Cage is an amazing series! can’t wait for the next season.

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