Big Lies and Other Possible Truths


By Terri Sloan

This bumper sticker was slapped onto the back of my car in 1989 by a friend who had political aspirations. Republican aspirations, of course. Even in 1989 it was widely believed that the mainstream media was biased, liberal, and brainwashing the masses to accept their liberal agendas. Fox News was founded in 1996, the only conservative news outlet on the air at the time, and was a welcome balance. Whatever stories we heard from NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN, the conservative versions would be presented by Fox News. Being a Christian Conservative Republican, I watched Fox News almost exclusively for about fifteen years.

About three years ago, Fox News Network started rubbing me the wrong way. They were so extreme. Since Obama had been in office, they’d been constantly berating the Obama White House, Obamacare, and all things Democrat and it started feeling divisive and just plain mean.  I  never watched Sean Hannity. I heard him refer to our President as ‘The Anointed One’ and I was done with him. Glenn Beck was so intense. I watched Greta. And I trusted O’Reilly. But about three years ago, I eventually stopped watching Fox News altogether.

Here we are now with a President-Elect who may have won the office because of Fox News and the many other Right Wing and Alt Right organizations to which the public now has access. And Steve Bannon of Breitbart is now poised to hold a position of power as Trump’s chief strategist in the White House.

I had a personal experience with Breitbart News last summer. I was involved in a rally to support refugees, a non partisan rally, which was conceived of and organized by one person. There was a team of about 30 of us putting this rally together, all of us individual citizens from different walks of life, and our only and pure motivation was to bring awareness to the plight of the refugee.

A conservative blogger, who was particularly opposed to accepting Muslim refugees, came across the information regarding our rally, and blogged her little blog against us. She assumed we were a big political organization with big liberal money backing us. And we were surprised she had done so having never made any effort to contact us. She never asked us, “Who are you? “Who is backing you?” But she is a blogger. She can say what she wants.

Then, crazier than we could imagine, Breitbart News picked up her blog, reworked it, and called it news. Within hours, a multitude of smaller ‘news organizations’ picked up the Breitbart story and copied and pasted and ran with it.  Not one had ever asked us, hey who’s funding this deal? Nope. They assumed George Soros was the big money funding our ‘political’ rally.  You know who funded our rally? Our organizer and a few t-shirt sales.

The liberal media of the 90s may have been guilty of slanting or spinning stories, but the Right Wing and Alt Right news agencies of today are guilty of reporting stories which are completely untrue. If a news agency reports a story without fact checking, even if they didn’t write the original story, they are just as guilty. And how often did Donald Trump himself repeat stories that had already been proven to be untrue?

The truth will come out. It always does.

Freedom of speech is a good thing, but it comes at a price. This freedom lays at our feet the responsibility to sort out, to the best of our ability, fact from fiction – or discard the information altogether. Otherwise, we are being blindly led to believe whatever someone wants us to believe.

What if we have elected an inept and wrongly motivated man to be the President of the United States? What if we allowed the fake news, the misleading news, and the flat-out lying news to influence us to elect someone who could have never won with the truth?

The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. ~ Luke 12:2 NLT

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