We All Must Now Step Up

By Lorana Hoopes

Though a Trump presidency scared me, I had hoped that it would be foundless fears. I had hoped the Trump we saw the last few weeks who was calm and almost presidential would remain. I was hoping that our country was smart enough to know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but the world doesn’t end. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

It started with peaceful protests, which is completely their right. However, I found it rather ironic that they were so upset over Trump’s use of the word F***, yet they were chanting F**** Donald Trump up and down the streets. Unfortunately, a lot of those protests turned violent. Windows were smashed, property was destroyed, and shots were fired in Seattle. Trump and Obama both should have come out and talked about how violence is never the answer, but neither did.

We also have a myth being perpetuated that all Trump voters are racist bigots. This is destroying families, friends, and even interrupting schools. Now sadly, some terrible people have performed actions that give weight to this rumor. Eviction notices being sent to Black and Hispanic families. A high school student sent deportation notices to all the minorities at his school. And pictures of anti-semitic, racist, and Trump slogans populate social media. I refuse to believe this is most of our country as I know a lot of decent people who voted for Trump who does not tolerate this. Again this is something Trump needs to address and hasn’t, which makes me fear it is only going to get worse. The bad apples will feel bolder and the decent people will suffer the consequences of a hatred from the left.

At the same time, I have also seen horrible treatment of Trump supporters by the left. I have been told my beliefs (even though I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton) were no longer welcome in the Pacific Northwest. I have heard my friends called horrible names. I even watched a video of a woman throwing her young son out on the street for voting Trump in a school election that means nothing. All of this scares me just as much. A lot of our millennial voters have never known a Republican president and Republicans already had a bad name. This makes it much worse.

As expected, a Trump win has divided our country even more. To be fair, I believe a Clinton win would have done the same. As expected, a Trump win has given Christianity a bad name. As expected, a Trump win has destroyed the Republican party for years to come. Trump needs to quell all of this now, but I doubt he will. His need for people to like him is so strong, he won’t do anything to anger his loyal followers, and that is what scares me.

So it’s up to us. We now have to stop the fear. We have to stop the racist incidences we see and soothe the emotions when there is nothing unfounded. We need to support our friends on both sides of the aisles – those who voted Trump and those who voted Clinton. While I saw the third party as an option, many did not and they voted the best they could with two awful candidates. We also have to be vigilant. People are scared and looking for fights and blame. We have to be careful to avoid it.

Most of all, we need to be intentional in our love and respect for each other, even if our opinions differ. I don’t believe we will get leadership on this issue from Trump’s campaign and so it is up to us.


Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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