An Open Letter To The President And President-Elect

By, Linda Stockton

It is abundantly clear, following this election, that our country is divided as never before. We have a relatively small number of alt-right people: KKK members, xenophobes, racists, and bigots on one side. They are already engaged in terrorizing immigrants, African-Americans, Muslims, and anyone they perceive to be a “lefty.” We also have a relatively small number of alt-left people: Folks plotting mass demonstrations to disrupt any event Mr. Trump attends, spreading assassination rumors, coordinating “overthrow Trump” gatherings, and also terrorizing any white person they think may have supported Trump.  In the vast middle of these polar opposites, we have the majority of Americans. These are the good, honest, decent people who were left with the most difficult decision in memory as far as elections go. These are folks who have been forgotten, lied to, misled, and trampled on by politicians for way too long. When it came time to vote, many voted out of fear. Or confusion. Or anger. Or desperation. For that, you (and your parties) are both responsible, and you should both be ashamed.

Now it is time to redeem yourselves…both of you.

Mr. President, you for allowing the divisiveness in this country between black and white to grow at a rate not seen since the 60’s. Not just allowing it but fostering it with a bias in crucial appointments in your DOJ and State Dept. You had the most amazing opportunity to really heal our nation and salve the deep, deep wounds of generational racism…instead, you chose to tear them open and rub salt into them. It is a phenomenally wasted chance and it has bled into the fabric of our society.

Mr. Trump, you must understand that your words have empowered the very worst element of humanity that our country has to offer. When you carelessly used phrases like “banning Muslims”, “mass deportation”, and your many derogatory words regarding women, you alienated and then put on defense all of those you offend. You scared those people. Worse, you implied that it was ok to intimidate them and the racists, bigots, and misogynists got the message that it was ok to abuse them. And they have already begun. They are calling for a “New World Order” and the swastika is appearing in graffiti beside your name. It is terrifying.

So here we are. Today in our un-united United States. You have both caused this mess. The very least you can do is to try to clean it up. With all due respect, I am asking you both to do your damn job. The job of leaders. The people of this country need a strong voice to reassure them. To tell them that no, Americans don’t hate Muslims or refugees. Maybe some do, but those that do are not the good guys and they don’t represent the rest of us. That no, policemen don’t hate black people. Maybe some do, but not many..and they are bad cops and we are working on it. That intolerance is not who we are. That some folks are intolerant, but there is ignorance everywhere and we can educate and inform.

Tell people, that riots and demonstrations and plots to pull us apart will destroy us. And we are too exceptional to destroy. Tell them that you, both of you, respect one another because you are both Americans. Because you both love this country. Because you love her people. Because you love and respect our system of democracy. Be the leaders that you were elected to be and right this ship before it sinks. I beseech you both, to swallow your pride, bury your ego and do this for America. It is up to you to stop the hate. Stop the destruction from within. Our biggest enemy now is not ISIS, it is not Russia, it is not global warming or anything else. It is ourselves. Because we are a people with no leader, no common goal, no common purpose. Our leaders, by example, fighting like children have left us all abandoned. Please, for the love of country, stand up for us, stand up for America. God bless you both. And may God Bless and keep America.

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