I Stand Divided

By Lorana Hoopes

As I watched the election last night, I did so in a state of shock as I’m sure many of you did. On one hand, I was happy that Clinton didn’t win. I was happy that Republicans retained control of the House and Senate. I was hopeful that Trump will fulfill some of his promises, including appointing conservative justices, but on the other hand I have some real fears about Trump.

Actually I have fewer fears about Trump and more fears about some of his unhinged followers.

There is already a gofundme out there for a thing called Project Purge. I’m not sure the entire extent of this “project,” but the basic idea is to get rid of everyone in the MSM or politics who stood against Trump. This is terrifying for many reasons, but let’s just look at a few.

First, I have no idea if these people are just talking about not re-electing them or if there is a more sinister meaning behind the words. Second, some of these people are good politicians who were simply following their heart. Yes, I agree that some of the politicians who have forgotten about the people need to not be re-elected, but many Republicans who stood against Trump have a good track record. The people should be judged on what they do while in Congress, not whether they stood against a man who espoused hatred and bigotry. Third, if they succeed in getting rid of all the people who opposed Trump, where will that leave us? Remember that opposition is sometimes a good thing; it keeps evil in check. If Trump had no one to stand against him, I fear what he might actually do. We already know he has dictatorship tendencies; if he is allowed to reign unchecked, there will be consequences we cannot imagine.

So as you go about today, I hope you will join me in prayer. Pray that Trump surrounds himself with sane minded people. Pray that he does fix Obamacare and appoints conservative justices. Pray that people explain to him how expensive it would be to deport all the illegal aliens and that he finds a different way to handle it. Pray that he can really create some jobs, though he’s had no concrete way. Most importantly, pray that his alt right followers don’t come into play. I know that many who voted for Trump did so out of fear of the SCOTUS. They believed that there were only two options and saw him as the “lesser evil.” But there were a large group of people who are bigots and racists who voted for him. We cannot allow these people to take over our country.

So Pray and Be Vigilant!

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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  1. Wow–you said what I’d been concerned about for the past year. Its something I tell the kids I teach when it comes to respecting other people and viewpoints, because they’ve heard it so often and know it: When you hear the phrase “those people…”, you know nothing good is going to come out of the mouth after that. And how many times in his rallies and conventions was he throwing that line out there in some way, shape or form. I don’t fear terrorists…my neighbors could be worse.

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