What Happens after the Election?

By Eric Dzikowski

The final polls are in, and after over a year of people of all stripes fighting, insulting, slandering, and libeling just about everyone who even mentioned the word election, nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed.  Not one thing.

One year ago, most people distrusted and disliked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Clinton was viewed as a flawed candidate surrounded by scandal and running on a platform consisting solely of “I’m a woman, so I deserve to be president.”  Trump was viewed as a joke, lacking any sort of consistent platform and running a campaign designed to appeal to the basest aspects of humanity.

Today, the day before the election, nothing has changed.  Trump and Clinton are just as distrusted and disliked now as a year ago.  Most voters are as unhappy with the major party candidates today as in January.  The driving force bringing people to the polls to vote is to stop the other candidate, not to support their candidate.  Nothing has changed.

What about the third party candidates?  Oh, they’re still out there, but nothing has changed.  No third party candidate is polling above 5% nationally.  While there is a chance Evan McMullin takes Utah and neither Hillary or Trump gets the 270 Electoral College votes required to win the election outright, the likelihood of this happening is extremely low.  Even if it does happen, there’s no chance the House will choose anyone but the Republican candidate.  (If they lacked the principles to kick Trump to the curb during the primaries, they lack the principles to choose McMullin now.)

By all means, everyone vote his or her conscience, but it’s important to remember nothing has changed.  This election is the same today as it ever was.  The players are all the same, as are the opinions.

Nothing has changed — and that’s good news!

All the doom and gloom speculation about what will happen if he or she wins or loses — from the end of our republic to starting World War III — seems ridiculous when taken in context of the election as a whole.

If nothing has changed, everything remains the same.

No matter who wins, the economy will continue to grow (even if it does so slowly), unemployment will continue to fall, and the people still won’t trust the government.  Nothing will suddenly fall apart, nor will everyone suddenly turn on each other and bring about Armageddon.

Tomorrow will be chaotic, but rest assured nothing will change.  Wednesday, after the dust settles, nothing will have changed — and that’s about the best we can hope for after this crazy election cycle.


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