The Nightmare Is Coming To An End

By, Jason Taylor 

If you’ve been paying attention to this train wreck of an election I know you know the election is on Tuesday. And I would hope you know that Trump is a self-serving, lying, manipulating psychopath, and suffers from ‘situational personality disorder’, and that he is backed by an alt-right army bent on tearing down all pillars of democracy.

Donald Trump has become a caricature of himself at this point, regardless of whether he is doing this in character. Trump is almost certainly driven by adoration and follows the crowd, only changing course when he needs to ramp up the applause-o-meter for a little instant feedback and a dopamine kickback, worrying not what the consequences of his actions and/or words will be. And yet this little feature of the Donald is somehow dismissed as not being problematic enough for someone pursuing the highest office in the land. Fine.

Suppose we get the best possible version of Trump (this despite the fact that he has shown no evidence of an ability to “pivot” to this mythical version, but so it goes). Whether he has campaigned in character or not, Donald Trump has given a national platform and a national voice to racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and conspiracy theorists. Trump and the worst of his supporters — not all by any stretch — have been feeding off each other in some sort of perverse mutually symbiotic relationship.

A big part of the problem with the 2016 election is the media’s creation of a false equivalency between the words and deeds of the two major party candidates. Despite all the outcry over Mrs. Clinton’s e-mail controversy, she is an intelligent and experienced public servant who actually understands how government functions. On the other hand, there are Trump’s many faults, including the fomenting of the “birther conspiracy,” failing to release his income taxes, insulting women, war heroes, and minorities, coupled with his complete lack of experience in government and woeful knowledge about its three branches.

Whatever happens on election day here’s what we’ll have: either a wildly out-of-control disaster in which an alt-right Congress has its way with everything (the long-planned end to our democracy, finally drowned in that bathtub), or a president trying to govern admit grotesque obstruction. The GOP won’t give up until our country lies in smoking ruins. The work we have to do is to get these self-serving sociopaths out of office. I’m talking about McConnell, Ryan, Issa, Chaffetz and all the rest. It’s either time for comeuppance or time for the end of our grand experiment in democracy.

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump and his demagoguery is a Presidential candidate that was years in the making. For those that think that just because Hillary is successful it will be business, as usual, are living in a fool’s paradise. Few thought that someone like Trump would even make it this far let alone have a reasonable chance of winning the election. Buckle up America, the genie is out of the bottle.


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