The Best Part of Election 2016

By Lorana Hoopes

I’d like to say the best part of this election was hearing two qualified people discuss plans to better this country, but I can’t. I’d like to say the best part of this election was letting my six year old son watch one of the two qualified people win the election, without fear of what might air or be said on television after, but I can’t.

Sadly, the best part of Election 2016 is that today it will be over, hopefully.

Perhaps politics has always been this dirty, but I certainly can’t remember a time. When did it become okay to smear people with false rumors? When did it become not only okay but acceptable to malign the competition and his or her family? When did it become okay to set up blatant lies to further your campaign?

I belong to an Evan McMullin Facebook group and today Facebook was aflame with people upset that McMullin came out today saying after much thought, he realized he couldn’t win and was therefore endorsing Trump. Except that he didn’t. Someone on the Trump team or perhaps just a passionate voter set up a face post on Evan McMullin’s personal page (not his campaign page which is where he did his posts) with this false propoganda. I suppose on one hand it’s a compliment that they are that scared of McMullin, but on the other – it’s just a flat out lie and it hurt a lot of people who believed it and had supported McMullin.

A friend of mine told me a similar thing happened on Twitchy. Evidently Twitchy also had a huge onslaught of McMullin lies today. So when did this become okay?

When I ran for office in High School, the deal was you couldn’t talk about your opponent at all. You just had to tell the people what you were offering and let them vote as they will. Politics was much more civil then, but shouldn’t our politics be the same? After all, if you really have a good, strong message, do you need to attack your opponent to make you look better? The answer is no, but it just goes to show how terrible this election was this year. Neither of these candidates had much good to say because they don’t have much to give, so to make themselves look better, they attacked the other. And we let it happen.

This became the election of “the lesser evil” instead of an election of substance.

My hope is that we look back on this and realize how awful this was. I hope that we vet candidates before primaries and not after. I’m not saying there might not still be skeletons in the closet, but goodness the closet shouldn’t be overflowing with them. And perhaps the parties need to have some criteria for people who want to run in their party. Maybe just basic criteria like you must be trusted with classified information and you can’t have bragged about assaulting women. I mean, I think this would be common sense, but after this year, it’s obviously not.

My six year old son keeps asking me who the good guy is that we want to become president, and I have to keep telling him Evan McMullin, but that he doesn’t really have much of a shot. Leave it to six year old logic to respond with, “but why mommy if everyone hates Trump and Clinton so much?” Too bad the rest of us couldn’t follow six year old logic and actually vote for someone we would be proud for our kids to watch on TV. Too bad we didn’t pick the one candidate who sounds articulate and who’s voice doesn’t grate on your nerves and who we don’t have to worry will say something we don’t want our kids to hear on TV. No, we had to pick the two worst nominees in history.

So as the votes come in today, and I watch the tally with a sick, sinking heart, the best thing I can say about Election 2016 is Thank God it’s over and please forgive us.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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