My Election Map Hope + Voter Intimidation Prevention Info

By Bobby M.

Phone numbers you can call if you feel intimidated at the polls are listed below. Before the 2016 election, I never really got too majorly involved in politics. But because of just how offended I am with how much Donald Trump focuses on fear, hate, and discrimination, I needed to change all of that. Now I am sick with worry about what may happen, but am hoping for the best tomorrow night. I do not just want Trump to lose, I want him to be crushed, which is why my map looks like this…

Click the map to create your own at


The reason Donald Trump needs to get destroyed in the electoral count is because there can be no room for him to try and make claims about a rigged election, which will lead to his supporters trying to start a civil war. Our country needs to distance itself as much as it can from anyone who helps embolden racist rhetoric of any kind.

These people are so bad, they are already making plans to intimidate others from voting. One would think Trump should have made a statement to prevent White Supremacists from doing such a thing, but he did not. This type of thing even happened during early voting in Virginia. So if this happens to you tomorrow, make sure you call 911 and/or your local authorities because it is against the law for anyone to try and intimidate you from placing your vote. There are also national numbers you can call in…

  • English: 866-Our-Vote
  • Spanish: 866-Ve-Y-Vota
  • Asian Languages: 866-API-Vote

Be safe tomorrow and let’s send a message to that screaming carrot demon and his followers that America has always been about being brave and standing up to each and every hateful ideal that he represents.


  1. I want Trump to lose so badly he and his followers become some toxic they are marginalized for another 70+ years.

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