McMullin Supporters Should Hope Clinton Wins…

By Bobby M.

I truly admire the love and devotion Evan McMullin inspires in those supporting his campaign. It reminds me of how people used to think about John F. Kennedy’s political legacy. In fact, I am willing to bet his biggest fan is my colleague Lorena Hoopes. So I hope she and all the rest of the people rooting for Evan McMullin do not get upset when I say that the best thing for him, is for Hillary Clinton to become our next president.

Yes I know that there is a shot in the dark chance that he could get selected as the president himself, but the odds of it happening are very remote. If you are not aware, the idea is basically neither Trump or Clinton get to 270, along with McMullin pulling off a win in Utah. Then the entire House of Representatives will decide who becomes the president. No offense to the people that believe in that scenario, but pretty sure winning the PowerBall has a better chance.

Apparently those people that are hoping for that no one gets 270 situation are in need of a recently history lesson learned this past summer. Let us remind you about how just before the Republican National Convention, there were a number of officials who attempted to negotiate changes in the RNC Rules Committee that could have made anti-Trump forces happy. This was better known as Delegates Unbound, or the Delegate Revolt to others. The idea was to get the various state representative delegates to make their own choice regardless of who their electorate chose in an effort to block the Trump official nomination. Obviously, that attempt did not work out so well. I mention this because both scenarios relied too much on GOP officials who believe party is more important than country. The House GOP will just reflexively select Trump because of party loyalty and fear of going against their republican constituents.

Now use that same train of thought regarding Evan McMullin’s movement to replace the GOP or rebuild it from within. If Trump wins, the movement will die before it can really get started. The party is not going to make the changes McMullin and his supporters hope for if the GOP already have the White House. If anything, McMullin supporters will get attacked and ostracized. Now think about what could happen if Clinton wins. The GOP will just have lost and will be looking to make a change, and there would be no better direction to go than with what McMullin is trying to start. So if you are part of this movement, please think about that as you are about to fill out your ballot…especially if you live in a battleground state. Because ensuring a Trump loss is what matters the most if you want your movement to really have a future.


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