America Won’t Heal So Long As The GOP Continues To Embrace Division

By, Jason Taylor 

This most horrible of elections marks not so much the disintegration of convention as it does the disintegration of a system of government. And that is what is most disturbing about Election 2016. To set out to hobble the Supreme Court — to paralyze a legitimately elected President — to stall the processes of Congress — to invoke physical violence against protesters belongs in a country with a mandate of thuggery as it’s constitution…and not the United States of America. The bile on display for all the world to see comes from a dangerous and dark place in the American psyche.

Donald Trump has ripped away the facade of respectability the GOP has used to cloak its naked lust for power at all costs. When a candidate openly encourages racial division, attacks women, calls for religious discrimination, and has a long record of fraud and failure, something is seriously wrong. A party that can nominate such a man for the highest office in the land is a party that has failed its own principles and forfeited any claim to legitimacy.

16 opponents in the Republican primary tried to take the high road against Donald Trump and got a drubbing doing it. They talked about policy and harshly criticized Hillary Clinton. They hit all the high notes with the economy, health care, jobs, immigration, Supreme Court, etc., etc. But Republican primary voters eschewed policy and informed debate, and instead chose Trump, primarily because of his meanness, lack of class, and general ignorance. The Republican leadership let him drone on, then shrugged their shoulders and embraced him.

Seems to me it’s not the country that needs to be fixed. It’s the Republican party.

I refuse to buy this narrative that both sides are to blame: they are not. This unprecedented descent into the mire was caused by Trump. Trump was caused by years of right-wing radio and Fox News unchecked by reality. These things do not exist in a vacuum. For this nation to heal it will not require an act of contrition during the acceptance speech, but rather an act of sudden awareness from the Republicans that the distorted worldview they have been peddling for years is wrong, bankrupt, myopic, dangerous, and un-American. The first step in the healing process is for the Republicans to admit they have a deep and serious problem.

Until I see any evidence that there is a line, any line, that cannot be crossed, count me out on the healing train. This has not been a traditional political battle that can simply heal. Given the most horrible of behaviors throughout the election and the Donald’s past, there has been nothing that Trump’s followers will not excuse in the name of Hillary’s supposed evilness. So, I’m left simply not trusting Trump supporters as human beings, knowing that they would somehow find a rationale for the most despicable of government and mob actions towards fellow human beings.

There will be no celebrations, no matter who wins this misbegotten election. If Hillary wins, Trump will do what Trump does, which is to agitate, whine, accuse and disrupt. It will never end. If Hillary wins, we’ll breathe a brief sigh of relief, but then we’ll remember that we live in a country in which nearly half the population would have given the nuclear codes to a moron with a chip on his shoulder. The problem with this election isn’t the candidates. It’s the people who have so little discernment that Trump seems like an acceptable choice.

Let’s fix our country. But let’s be honest about what and who are ripping it apart. And let’s not be afraid to go where Hillary was brave enough to go: to honestly and without embarrassment calling misogyny, racism, bigotry and hatred what they are: deplorable.


  1. I was thinking about this while beating the devil out of a defenseless racquetball at the gym this morning (no punching bags were available, darn it). I saw an article snippet that had Trump accepting and talking about how it was time to heal the divisions in our country and our parties. Well, I’m not going to trust the Great Divider to suddenly become the great uniter. This campaign season’s made me far more afraid of my neighbors than any terrorist hordes the media keeps telling us to fear. Ugh.

  2. Good read, I also started a blog today just trying to share my thoughts. I want to raise the level of debate in this country in some small way without people thinking they have to be right or wrong. Gaining perspective and knowledge is key.

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