Trump’s Dystopian Dark Amerika

By Bobby M.

If we allow Donald Trump’s mindless cult to propel him to victory, the direction and future of our country will be so bad, that it could lead to the stuff of nightmares. Some of the smartest men in the history of our world declared his presidency to be one of the highest threats to our basic global security. The Boston Globe attempted create a mock front page based off of their assessment this past spring if Trump won. While they made many points, I think their analysis was very conservative compared to what will really happen.

Things will get off to a rocky start almost immediately because right after election day, the financial markets will crash extremely hard. There is proof that this would happen given how the market reacted to the initial Comey partisanship, and then acted again when Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing. Usually there is a bit of a market rebound due to people buying low after a crash, but that will be mitigated by the social unrest that will accompany the financial trouble. All those white supremacists will be emboldened because of their nature and how the Trump campaign keyed up their willingness for violence during the campaign. And their targets and those that hate discrimination will fight back, in some cases misidentifying true racists for Trump supporters making everything even worse.

Our “illustrious” president will blame all immigrants for these problems, so one of the first things he’ll do when taking office is try to deport everyone who is illegal. But with so many, this will be a very daunting task. Trump’s already emboldened racists will then take it upon themselves to try and “help” a task force already stretched too thin, by going after all those they see as foreigners, while not checking to see if they are citizens or not. Because to them, they do not care one way or the other anyway. The societal violence will get even worse now causing Trump to usher in his next early policy of “Stop and Frisk”, which will just escalate things further.

Trump will then think if he could improve the job situation for everyone like he promised, maybe that will cool things down. However, his plan included tariffs and destroying trade agreements, so things will take an even darker turn now that prices go up with a trade war, along with the unemployment that will be coupled with it. That is when the terrorist attacks will probably start.

All the horrible things Trump had said during the campaign about Muslims helped terrorists recruit more. So when he became president, their numbers skyrocketed because much easier to make their case now after he is elected. Especially when Muslim Americans get targeted even more from Trump’s racist army, so that is just another base for the numbers to draw from. He will blame the predominant Muslim countries, meaning it is just a matter of time before nukes get launched, leading to World War 3. Assuming something else did not cause him to fire the bombs before that; like maybe figuring out Putin played him, or how all the other countries of the world despise him.

While this is all going on, there will be numerous other horrible things, but they will not get the proper focus due to country in crisis with racial fights and terrorists. Not to mention, our press will be handicapped from Trump’s attempts to attack the 1st amendment while also ramping up his own rhetoric against them to spur his hardcore supporters to act in his stead. These other bad things happening that do not get the proper notice will be:

If this all is not a future that you want, then there is only one way to stop it. Use the power of your vote to prevent someone so unqualified from ever achieving a position he should have never been considered for to begin with. I am not saying the world will be perfect with Hillary Clinton in charge, but it will be much better than the alternative you just got a glimpse into. So please go vote and make sure that this nightmare does not become a reality.


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