Election 2016: It’s Up To You…

By, Linda Stockton

It’s down to the wire America. It’s Go Time. So, what are you going to do with your vote? Not as a Democrat or as a Republican, but as an American? Are you considering not voting? I hope not. I hope that every single registered voter casts a ballot this year. And I hope that every single voter has thought carefully, for themselves, about what they want for the future of this great nation.

We are at the most crucial time in our history, right here…right now. We are the most privileged people in the world and enjoy more freedoms than any civilization in history. With that comes an awesome responsibility. And an obligation to get it right. For us and for our posterity. And in this circus of political bizarreness, that has become a difficult task indeed.

Einstein said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Maybe we do that if we end up with a “politics as usual” Hillary Clinton. With Clinton comes a history of corruption, scandal, and cover-ups. The baggage she carries isn’t just the many pantsuits in her suitcases. From the Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, Benghazi, and her Middle East mess….well, how she is “qualified” is a somewhat vague perception. Don’t misunderstand. Trump has no redeeming qualities. My deepest fear is that Hillary is SO corrupt, that the voting public will swing the pendulum far, far the other way and blindly elect Trump. How can we possibly salute a commander in chief that can barely spell General let alone “knowing more” than they about ISIS? Certainly, being a womanizing bully with a vulgar vocabulary does not qualify one for the Presidency either.

So what then do we do? Not vote? That happened in 2012 and we lost our chance at Mitt Romney. A decent, honest man. Not corrupt. Not vile. Not a liar. Not a womanizer. Ummm….Oops.

So, we have three choices and they are all the same things that we have always done:

1. We vote FOR someone we don’t really like and hope they mean what they say (only they never really do).

2. We vote AGAINST someone because we think that absolves us if they win anyway (which doesn’t cause it still hurts the country).

3. We don’t vote because we are too confused or angry or disheartened or apathetic (which is the beginning of the end of our democracy)

I believe that any of these three, this year, will result in the same thing. More of the same. A disgusting cesspool of corruption and gridlock and insider deals and open contempt that has become “American Politics” and has made us weak on the world stage. If we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always gotten. If we don’t stand up now and make the change to do what is bigger than this…better than this…I don’t relish the future America. I am disheartened that we got so wrapped up in ourselves and our own ideology to just do the right thing. I am voting for a third party. Evan McMullin. Because I am tired of the insanity. Because I still have hope. Because I haven’t left my American ideals…they have left me…and I want them back.

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