Because Of Trump, Christianity Is Under Attack

By Bobby M.

I do not understand how any Christian voter can even consider Donald Trump. Were they not taught the same thing as I was regarding respect for others and having a welcoming inclusive nature? Especially in a time where critics want to paint Christians as hypocrites who do not practice what they preach.

You all have heard that kind of talk, where we get labeled as hypocritical due to those that hide behind supposed talk of values as a way to discriminate against others. Discrimination is all its forms should be considered the number one enemy to anyone who calls themselves an Evangelical regardless of their political affiliation. And that is the chief complaint that non-believers and whoever else want to use whenever they call us hypocrites. Do these people that are voting for Trump not understand that due to all of his discriminatory rhetoric, they are just fueling attacks that focus on hypocritical talk.

Unfortunately, discrimination is not the only concern regarding this premise. Another tenet of the Christian faith is helping others in need. Not only has Donald Trump never really shown that as part of his nature, but he has done the exact opposite by taking advantage of anyone that he can. Think of the number of small businesses and investors he has hurt. Think of all of the people he has defrauded in such scams like Trump University, Trump Institute and all of the various real estate ventures. Regarding hurting others through real estate, there are countless other people like those documented in Anthony Baxter, of “You’ve Been Trumped” fame who have also been hurt by Trump. This monster has literally walked over anyone he can and you now think he will serve others like a true Christian?

It used to be that people of faith would not go anywhere near a candidate who had a dubious past regarding anything related to relationships. This is how they got connected to being called those that vote for their values, to begin with. But now they flock to a guy who has had two divorces, numerous affairs and boasts about sexually assaulting women? He has even been accused of child rape while connections to sex parties where young models were passed around like currency. And considering how he purposely walked backstage because to leer at naked underage girls, those allegations must hold some water in some capacity. Let us also not forget that the potential first lady had nude photos posted for the public to see. That all was on top of a long history of misogynistic views and comments too. Anytime in the past, any one of those things would have turned off the Evangelical vote. But not this year, which will only add more fuel to the fire regarding those that want to call us hypocrites.

Then there is “Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness”. Just google anything related to lying and Trump and you will see that no politician in the history of politics has lied as much as he has. But churchgoers apparently do not care about that. Nor how he obviously holds the belief of making a dollar no matter how in such a manner as it is basically a false idol. Please do not let his supposed stance on being Pro-Life (which is is probably lying about) be the crutch you use to let such an amoral person into the White House. I know we are not supposed to be judgmental either, but when such a person comes along harming our religion, these arguments need to be made against him.


  1. Trump is an actor playing a part. If elected, he will abandon the Christian Right and revert to his true self.

  2. Really insightful article here. I grew up in the evangelical church – there is a reason why so many evangelicals are drawn to Trump: he represents the same hateful, xenophobic, misogynistic, racist and homophobic brand of “Christianity” that so many evangelical churches do. This is also the reason why the Church has lost its moral authority in the world – she cannot serve two masters; either it’s politics, and things of the world, or it’s Christ and His message of hope and compassion for people who are desperate for the Good Word.

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