Trump’s GOP is the American Taliban

By Bobby M.

Pretty ironic that the presidential candidate who claims to know more about ISIS than the US military generals has a following that is terrorizing our country. Donald Trump initially started this campaign of terror under the guise of trying to say that America has become too politically correct. This is the statement many of his supporters decided to use as a crutch when confronted with actual facts and it has snowballed ever since into something much more.

Also at the beginning of Trump’s election run were dog whistles to various racial hate groups. As he ramped up all of his rhetoric of hate towards immigrants, the Muslim religion and others, those numbers grew exponentially. These pathetic people instilled a certain sense into his mob, that when Trump called for violence against protesters, it made everyone in the cult more apt to focus on hating a political opponent. Especially to people all-new to politics who are not aware that elections are supposed to be about the populace deciding on policy differences. But when Trump has no real policy stands, his supporters have nothing else to latch onto other than the hate.

Now it has become commonplace for his supporters to pull out some truly hateful acts towards everyone they perceive working for a different political agenda. Because when their fascist leader does it, then it must be okay for them to do so as well. What makes it even more ironic is how his wife Melania tried to say how online bullying is wrong.

So when you have a group already primed for violence and hate, ratcheting up comments towards Clinton will only make things worse. Chants of “Lock her up” have turned into calls for assassination. Not just by supporters either, as even lawmakers in the GOP party have been saying similar things all in an effort just to placate their mob. Never mind that these Republicans do not even understand what Clinton actually did regarding emails, because all that matters is the propaganda behind it.

The final step of turning into an actual terrorist group began when Trump suggested that 2nd Amendment people could stop her. So many people took this as a sign to take up arms if they lose the election. This sentiment got louder and more pronounced as Trump’s rigged election talk took hold. It takes a seriously selfish man to stoke the flames of civil war all in an effort to soothe his ego about losing an election. Anyone that selfish does not have the fortitude to be a public servant in any capacity, much less the President of the United States.




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