The Little Things

By Lorana Hoopes

This morning I had a meeting and when I returned to my class, my six year old son had tears shimmering in his eyes. He showed me a picture of two dogs he had drawn with hearts in them, but I didn’t understand why he was so sad. Then he told me that these weren’t just any two dogs – they represented our dogs who had died last year and the year before. As the tears fell down his cheeks, he told me how much he missed them and how much he loved them.

He asked me if when he got to Heaven he’d be able to understand them?

While I couldn’t really answer his question, it got me thinking about reality. The election is next week, and some of us are filled with hate or fear over the results, but the truth is we will wake up the next day regardless of who wins. We will go to work just like we did the day before. We will come home to our family. While I’m not saying nothing will change, I am saying that nothing drastic is going to change just with the announcement of the winner.

I remember when Obama was elected that Republicans thought the world was going to end. But it didn’t. Maybe some things happened that we didn’t like, but the sun kept setting and rising day after day. It will be the same on November 8th. The sun will set and it will rise the next day. We may have to become more vigilant in fighting for our freedoms depending on who takes office, but we will still be free.

So as this election comes to a close, I’m reminding myself and all of you that there are other things to pay attention to. Pay attention to your family and enjoy them for whatever time we have left. Remember that while the big things matter, the little things do too.

Sometimes it takes a boy, his dogs, and two small hearts to remind us of that.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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