Questions Trump Should Be Asked, Part 2

By Bobby M.

You can read part one of the series regarding questions the media should have asked Trump here. But because there are so many more, decided to do this again. Unfortunately, because of just how pathetic he is as a candidate and how poorly he was properly vetted, there is no way a series like this can get the proper attention. I miss the times when reporters would phrase substantive questions and made sure they got a real answer. When this election season is over, I hope the media decides to look at how they played a part in how a monster like Trump could get where he is. Anyway, onto list #2…

  1. There have been so many instances in the past where you yourself claim a direct relationship with Putin and other assorted Russian ties. Why do you claim other wise now at the most important time, the 2016 Presidential election?
  2. Why should anyone believe you regarding knowing what it takes to create jobs in America from a government leadership position when all you have ever done is create jobs in other countries?
  3. Why did you try to mistakenly slut-shame someone regarding a porn movie that does not exist when you were the real person to have appearances in such films?
  4. How can you claim Clinton is corrupt when you are involved in more than 3500 lawsuits, including major ones like the Trump University fraud and a child rape case?
  5. Care to comment on how the Trump foundation never should have taken any money to begin with and how you used it to have other peoples money purchase private items for yourself and bribe district attorneys to not sue you for Trump University?
  6. Megyn Kelly asked a very benign and legitimate question and you turned it into a opportunity to feud in the media over it, use as a way to avoid debates, and an attempt to lie about charity for hopes of praise. How are we not to believe you would act in a similar petulant manner when dealing with world leaders from other countries?
  7. It has been proven that you do not pay taxes, used investors losses for further tax avoidance and that you have not given to charity much, yet you are still not providing your tax returns. What is worse than those things that you keep deciding to hide?
  8. How can you call anyone a liar when prominent non-partisan fact checking websites prove just how many lies you try to tell others?
  9. How can you talk negatively about the Clinton’s marriage when there are documented comments concerning your own infidelity and sleeping with other men’s wives?
  10. Please explain the rational as to why you call global warming as some fictional artificial construct created by China.
  11. If an Islamic Extremist performs some terrorist action that kills hundreds of people and it comes out that he was motivated by your anti-Muslim rhetoric, what would you have to say about that?
  12. If an innocent American Muslin child gets lynched and it comes out that their attacker was motivated by your anti-Muslin rhetoric, what would you have to say about that?

It is a sad state of a affairs when a guy like me who never had any professional training in writing or journalism can figure out tougher questions than the media regarding things they should have asked. I even tried to contact Gallop to be one of the people asking a question in debate #2. Maybe I could have gotten the attention that was given to Ken Bone? However, I would have preferred to have had whichever question I chose put Trump into a stupor and prove to America how our media should have been doing a better job all along.

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