Sign Of Trump’s Apocalypse?

By Bobby M.

Before the 2016 season, people would kiddingly joke that if the Chicago Cubs broke their World Series curse, that the apocalypse must be near. All of those jokes stopped this year however after Donald Trump’s presidential campaign won the Republican nomination. So here we are now and half of that prognostication is correct and it is up to all of us voting against him to make sure it stays that way.

I will admit that I was rooting against them and tried to get you to do the same. But I have an excuse because I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan and that is what I am supposed to do regarding anything Cubs related. I will give congratulations to some of their fans, especially the long time ones like Bill Murray who all waited 108 years. Them and the ones voting to keep Trump out of the White House I am happy for. But to those fans trying to get a racist who assaults women elected, “Screw off, hope all your luck is used up and your guy loses next week.”

If you did not watch the World Series, you may have missed one of the best sports spectacles in a long time. While the first six games were great, the final game of the series will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Starting pitching flanked by an incredible bullpen which was led by Andrew Miller got the Cleveland Indians their first three wins. While the Cubs relied on clutch power hitting and trying to milk as much out of Aroldis Chapman’s rocket arm (he has been clocked up to 104 mph) as much as possible to get their first three wins.

Game 7 started off with a lead-off homerun by Dexter Fowler which the Indians tied a couple innings later. But that tie was short lived because the Cubs pulled away, first to a 5-1 lead, which turned into 6-3 going into the bottom of the 8th inning. Their fans were thinking the longest drought without a championship in the history of professional sports was coming to an end. Rajai Davis capped a three run inning with a 2-run homerun off the 104 mph fireballer mentioned above. It was the first HR Chapman had given up since June, getting the lovable losers (a term Cubs fans had been referred to) to think their curse was going to continue. I kind of wish it did because I had an article idea to try and get all their fans to root against Trump, but I digress. The game went into extras after a short rain delay with the Cubs finishing it all off in the 10th inning.

Their are a few brightsides that may come out of all of this. Perhaps Steve Bartman will finally be forgiven from the 2003 season. My personal hope is that Cleveland Indian fans will band together to blame the Cubs Trump supporting ownership for the loss to help Clinton win Ohio. But here comes the best sign of them all. The last eight times in which there was a World Series game 7 during the presidential election, whenever the National League team won, so did the Democratic nominee. Let’s pray that streak continues.


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