James Comey must be the most hated man on Earth, but should he be?

By Lorana Hoopes

Back in July when Comey said Clinton had been negligent but not intentionally, he incurred the wrath of the Republicans, but the Democrats praised him from every street corner. Now that he has announced he’s looking into Clinton again, the Democrats are vilifying him while the Republicans applaud him. It’s enough to give you whip lash, and it’s exactly the bias I always tell my students to look out for.

The question really is, should Comey be so hated?

I wasn’t a fan of Comey’s back in July, because I felt his argument was weak. Others who did what Clinton did were stripped of their jobs and their security clearance and yet here we were saying it was okay for her because she didn’t intend to do it. I think the whole issue of not using the computer and the server the way she was told creates the intent, but maybe that’s just me. Now supposedly there is new evidence which shows the intent. If that evidence exists then I think Comey did the right thing by looking back into the investigation. If it turns out there is intent, I don’t want that woman anywhere near our national security secrets. If it turns out there still is no intent, Comey will probably be fired and never work a high profile job again. I can’t imagine he came to this decision lightly.

But this isn’t Comey’s fault.

The Democrats chose to nominate Hillary Clinton knowing full well she had this email issue hanging over her head. She also had the Clinton Foundation investigation going on, which supposedly is tied into this. They could have chosen anyone else and not had to deal with an FBI investigation, but they didn’t. So this isn’t Comey’s fault. It is  Hillary’s and the Democrats who nominated her.

This goes the same for Trump though. Recently there has been chatter that Comey didn’t want to comment on an investigation between Trump and Russia this close to the election. I’ll be honest that I am not as versed in that investigation, and I think Comey’s words sound biased. Why comment on one and not the other? If there is a scandal with Trump, the people need to know that too. But if there is, it again won’t be Comey’s fault. It will be the fault of the Republicans and all the voters who chose him over all the decent candidates this year.

We should not be blaming Comey for our terrible choice in candidates. We need to get our fingers out of our ears and uncover our eyes and stop pretending these scandals don’t matter, because they do. We should be demanding answers. These people are going to be controlling the country, so almost everything they do matters. We should know as much about them as possible so that we are fully informed.

After watching the deplorable support of both of these candidates even through all the scandals, my hope is fading that we will change next year or the year after. We will continue to ignore the reprobate about “our guy” while shouting all the evils of “the other guy.” God said we should remove the plank from our own eye before we start trying to remove the speck from our neighbor’s eye. We need to do this with our candidates as well. How can we scream about Hillary’s corruption but support Trump’s hateful rhetoric and bullying? How can we argue about Trump’s vulgar tape and assault on women when Hillary could put our troops in jeopardy?

All this year, I’ve heard “choose the lesser of two evils,” but I honestly can’t tell which is more evil, as they both are in different areas. It’s why I’ve decided this year that neither earns my vote. It’s why I’m voting for Evan McMullin. Until we make candidates work for us and choose candidates who really represent us, we will keep getting evil to choose from, and I choose not to vote for evil.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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