Questions Trump Should Be Asked

By Bobby M.

It boggles my mind how a candidate for the most important leadership position in the world has gotten this far without being asked any real questions. Though guess we should not be surprised considering how spineless the GOP have been and we have a media that is only in this for ratings leading them to only cater to an electorate that tries to stay uninformed. This article will focus on hardball questions that should have been asked of a presidential candidate while demanding real answers.

I will only give full discussion to one question while offering up the rest in a list format. This is because there is one particular question that should have been asked above all others considering it’s ramifications. Plus, giving this same kind of discussion to every single hardball question the press ignored to ask Trump could drive a person crazy.

While you have tried to deflect who actually started the birther movement, everyone knows you were the one that championed it for years. Why did you do that?

Why was this never asked? Trump would have either stumbled into proving to millions more people how racist he is, or he would have given some answer about document transparency…or both. If the latter happened, then he could have been nailed when it comes to his not showing his tax returns. This should have been asked in a debate or by a member of the media the few times he did a press conference. Anyway, now onto the list.

  1. You say the phrase, “I am the least racist person you’ll ever meet” as if rehearsed it on end whenever questioned on racism. Is this how you decided to cover up your racial bias?
  2. Why is it that the KKK and a multitude of so many white supremacist groups identify with what you are trying to say and decided to piggyback off of it to swell their ranks and get their message of hate more mainstream?
  3.  In the Dec debate, it was obvious you had no idea about the Nuclear Triad question and BS’d some half-ass, incoherent answer. Why should we believe that you have not been doing that with all of your answers to few substantive questions you have allowed to even be asked, as well as believe that you will not BS and half-ass your way through the job if elected to it?
  4. If no US banks trust you to give you a loan, why should America put you in charge of its economy?
  5. If you try to give the argument that your business acumen is a good trait for you as a politician, then why aren’t all your bankruptcies, ruining investors who trusted you, a record of defrauding 1000’s of people, and history of ruining small businesses open for debate as well?
  6. How come you tried to tell voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio the importance of steel workers in America when the truth was that you were using Chinese-made steel for your construction projects?
  7. Why did you act in that fashion to Megyn Kelly’s question considering half of our electorate are women?
  8. Were you trying to get all NFL fans mad at Clinton when you lied about the letter you got from the NFL when trying to allude that she set a debate schedule that was the same day as some games?
  9. It has been proven you have little respect for POW, which says you have even less respect for soldiers KIA or MIA. When coupling that with your authoritarian views regarding giving orders against military rules of engagement while also inciting terrorists to put their lives in danger, what would you say in response to those who say you have no respect for those who serve in the military?
  10. Remind the public again about why you compared avoiding STD’s as being your own personal Vietnam when you were dodging the draft, please.
  11. You need to explain how it was not illegal for you to try and set up a business relationship with Cuba in violation of the embargo placed on the island.
  12. Often times your supporters are verbally attacking reporters at your rallies based off of things you say. What if one of your supporters was to get inspired and escalated things into a physical attack? And what would you say to the reporter who would get hurt in such a situation?

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so there will be a part two for this train of thought. But the sad part is that I’ll still barely scratch the surface of what should have been asked of this presidential candidate considering his toxic history. We should demand better of our media because their actions might put us all under the thumb of a fascist dictator wanna-be.


  1. One question keeps rattling round my brain and I hope you don’t mind if I share it.
    Sure you apologized to your wife and daughters and women in general (sorta, kinda, not-so-much) regarding the infamous pussy grabbing conversation. Great. Good for you. What’s never been addressed is what kind of conversation you had with your male children, especially the youngest? We need to be teaching our young men about consent and the meaning of mutual respect if any progress is to be made with regards to misogyny and

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