Peter Thiel Prefers Civil War To Unity?

By, David Oslin

I’m going to go against my personal signpost, the lighthouse in a sea of stupidity and anarchy. Glenn Beck. I am one of those people who does not believe unity is possible, people like Peter Thiel ensure that Unity can not occur. When Unity can not be achieved the other side must be obliterated. Nothing can be left. Decimation in its dictionary terms is not enough. Because I want you to read exactly what he says. Now supposedly these are prepared Remarks

When the distracting spectacles of this election season are forgotten and the history of our time is written, the only important question will be whether or not those new politics came too late

Distracting Spectacles? Lies about opponents? Ted Cruz, Evan McMullen? The Truth meaning nothing? Lawsuits against Trump pending have done nothing to even bend the curve let alone change opinions. Thiel says he gets the big things right? No, he doesn’t. I want to bring up terms that have been lost this election cycle. We may never hear them again.

Small Business. It was mentioned once in any significant way and that was back before the Primaries even began, by Ted Cruz at Defending the Dream in Ohio 2015 An Americans For Prosperity event. AFTER the day before John Taffer screamed it from the rooftops in the final speech of the day. It has not been mentioned at all this cycle.

Personal Liberty. Again Not mentioned at ALL. In the wake of the weaponized IRS, the Politicized FBI and everything else. No Candidate outside of Evan McMullen is coming even CLOSE to talking about this.

Personal Responsibility: If there are two people who are LESS a candidate for personal responsibility I can’t find them for the life of me.

Rule of Law: Again two of the most lawless candidates in history do I really need to explain this?

Of course, Thiel supposedly conceded that trump was not a perfect Candidate… Oh My God. TRUMP IS A PROGRESSIVE NUTCASE Hell-bent on using the LAW to his own advantage to enrich his own pockets NOT SAVE HIS COMPANIES!

The millions of Nazi Zombie Sheeple voting for Trump will not be held blameless. In this age, there is no ‘low information voter’ There are only apathetic voters and willing participants. Some of my writers on this website believe a Hillary Landslide could be the answer, others are going to vote for Evan.

Regardless of the results on November 9th there are massive problems within the GOP and to no small extent the conservative movement. No result will make them go away. No amount of talking will do anything when Thousands across the country are attacked physically for their beliefs. When a Crowd starts chanting ‘lock her up’ at a protester. It takes ONE bad apple. One person willing to act on these chants, and you have a catastrophe beyond reckoning. A scenario that ends up destroying lives. That can only escalate. Because no one is willing to even consider peace.

The foundations our country was built upon, are being cast aside by this new GOP. This GOP that is bound and determined to be a Racist, Sexist, throwback to the Nazi Party. When its supporters actively endorse actions like ‘Jew-S-A’ When they chant ‘LOCK HER UP’ to a person they disagree with?

There was a day people would DIE for your right to disagree. There is far fewer people today willing to do that. So Peter Thiel, this argument that ‘Trump represents isn’t Crazy? If that’s true. That’s a sad state of affairs for humanity.

It ISN’T crazy to be a sexist who demeans women? it ISN’T crazy to be an accused sexual predator? It ISN’T crazy to deny others the right to speak?

This ladies and gentlemen is just another day in the Ulcerated Despotic States of Asserica. This is how the world of V for Vendetta gets started. This is how all the tales we’ve told where everything goes TERRIBLY wrong gets started. Where people like me DONT stand up.

I got news for ya folks. I will be standing. And if that means I am hated for my efforts, at least, in the end, I did more than YOU.

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