White Nationalists Go After Evan McMullin

By, Jason Taylor

The latest move from some of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters should come as no surprise to anyone. A group of White Nationalists has been placing robo calls informing the receiving party that McMullin is Gay. While nothing could be further from the truth, I find this very troubling. I am a supporter of the LGBT community in our Country, and I have always believed that they should have the same basic fundamental rights as all Americans.

And of course as par for the course the Trump campaign deny any involvement in these robo calls trying to slander McMullin and his campaign.

In a deeply personal attack, Mr. Johnson says in the call: “Evan has two mommies. His mother is a lesbian, married to another woman.”

After claiming that Mr. McMullin supports same-sex marriage and that he does not have a girlfriend, Mr. Johnson adds: “I believe Evan is a closet homosexual.”

McMullin was quick to fire back on Twitter:

This all really comes down to one thing: Utah. McMullin is in a virtual tie with Trump in Utah, a state that Trump desperately needs if he is to have any chance at hitting the 270 electoral votes needed to win the Presidential election next Tuesday. Donald Trump is a lowlife thug that will do anything in order to win… as he has proved throughout his life. The Trump campaign are quick to deny any involvement in this latest episode of a blatant smear campaign against McMullin, but as we have seen throughout the Trump escapades this election cycle that’s about as far as it goes.

“We didn’t do it”

Below is the audio from white nationalist  William Johnson, from the audio recording that has been going out to voters in Utah.

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