The Clinton Emails: Much Ado About Nothing

By, Jason Taylor 

If there ever was a good example of what “trumped-up charges” look like, this is it. But what is really scary is that those vacuous cleverly veiled innuendos come from the highest level of one of the most important law enforcement agencies in the US. And their author, the director of the FBI, in a letter to his employees, explains that he doesn’t want to create a misleading impression. James Comey basically set fire to the election stage but pretends he was only trying, to be honest.

Exactly what percentage of American voters are going to be swayed by this news of the latest round of Clinton emails this late in the election campaign to swing clearly or confidently from one candidate to another? And that tiny percent is going to decide the election result? With an opponent like Donald, whose statements and behaviors reveal a guy not qualified to clean the toilet in the Oval Office, let alone occupy it, and even appears totally uninterested in the job of President, should Hillary not be sliding into the Presidency with a thumping majority?

Why are the Democrats so anxious about a small group of nobody’s who are so stupid that they are undecided till the last day of an election on two very different and completely opposite candidates (even on a sanity scale)? Do Democrats not have much confidence in Mrs. Clinton? That is what this hullabaloo is revealing. On the other hand, Republican voters need nothing more than innuendos and suspicions, that the press has supplied them with in plenty, to bury their fangs into Mrs. Clinton again and again and again. They do not appear to be operating on calm intelligent analysis of facts that are revealing, relevant and reasonable or reasoned.

It appears one group in Congress (the Rs) has already lost its head (and sanity), and the other group (the Ds) is slowly losing it too.

We have no idea whether any emails on the laptop in question were sent by Mrs. Clinton, nor do we know how they got there. It is possible the emails were placed there by Ms. Abedin, so she could print them off according to some sources. If this is the case, Ms. Abedin should be in the hot seat, not necessarily Mrs. Clinton. Watching the various news shows was so disgusting I had to turn off the TV. You could see the gleefulness of the press to have yet another emails scandal to pump up — while Mr. Trump continues to make wild statements. What the press has failed in doing is pointing out that email issues are not new with Mrs. Clinton. The Bush Administration deleted approximately 22,000 email — where were the hearings, the FBI investigations, the Congressional outrage?

Yes, Mrs. Clinton was careless, however, this entire episode has been blown out of all reasonable proportion by a media frenzy and a Republican Party desperate to find something to distract from their disastrous candidate. While some say the FBI didn’t create this problem, in some sense yes, they did. Mr. Comey violated policy from the beginning by the way he announced the results of the original investigation, his Congressional briefings, his grandstanding, his release of the raw investigative documents, and so on. The problem is the AG can’t fire him, or she would be accused of political interference.

One wonders when people breathlessly criticize Clinton for using a private email server because she was “attempting to hide emails from the American people!”, what it is they fantasize Hillary Clinton would put in an email. In Clinton, we have a candidate who has been so thoroughly harassed and investigated by career prosecutors for decades that she measures every single word she says. This is one of the main criticisms of her, is it not? And now her detractors shriek about deleted and hidden emails as if once and for all, after all of these decades and investigations we will find the one email where she admits to what? Murder? Drug dealing? Not really loving her country? Of course not. The real problem is this is all there is and there is nothing here and voters are sick of it.

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