What The Next Four Years Could Look Like…

By Lorana Hoopes

This election cycle has been the worst that I can remember, and I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse.

If Hillary Clinton wins, there will be more investigations into the email issue. Taxpayer money will be spent, but like before, pressure will be applied and nothing will likely come of it, even though she’s guilty. Clinton will change Obamacare to a single payer system, increasing our wait time and our denials for some services. Common Core will be here to stay, and the indoctrinating of our children will continue. Liberal Justices will be appointed, and the Hyde Amendment will likely be repealed. Entitlement spending will continue, taxes will go up, and unemployment will increase. Probably the most terrifying thing will be the Trump trolls’ outrage though. Riots will break out on the streets. You get the idea.

If Trump wins, much will be the same. He will make sure Clinton gets investigated, and perhaps criminal charges will be filed. He will change Obamacare to something, who knows what. He once supported a single payer system as well. He says he’s against Common Core, but with Trump, who knows. He may or may not appoint more conservative justices, remember he was for abortion before he was against it. Entitlement spending will continue, taxes will go up, and unemployment will probably increase. He will subdue our freedom of speech as no one will be allowed to speak ill of him without repercussions. His trolls will continue to stir up dissent and ensure that his family becomes the new establishment we all hate. We’ll probably go to war over some stupid Twitter tirade. Democrats will block everything they can and find every scandal on him. There will probably be investigations costing tax payers millions and rioting in the streets. Pretty similar.

Now imagine that Evan McMullin is able to deny them both 270. Imagine that the Congress realizing how terrible and divisive Clinton and Trump both are, elect McMullin. Obamacare gets repealed and replaced with a competitive plan where you can pick the coverage you need instead of being told what coverage you need. Common Core will be repealed and the power to reform education will be given back to the states. Justices who understand the constitution will be appointed, and they will interpret cases using only the constitution and not what they think it should mean now. The Hyde Amendment will stay and a push to overturn Roe v Wade will happen. Entitlement spending will be curtailed and our national deficit may actually decrease. No tax payer money will be spent on investigations. We might even be scandal free for four years. Congress will be given term limits, thereby dredging the swamp of establishment and making them work for the people while they are in. And as most power will be given back to the states, there will be fewer back door deals made. Perhaps the Trump trolls will throw a fit, but McMullin is more Republican than Democrat and he’s anti-establishment. He’s bringing in the much needed minority, millenial, and women vote that Trump can’t do. He’s a unifier.

But it has to fall just right for McMullin to win. I’ll be honest that the chances are not great, but they are also not non-existant.

My favorite (and by that I mean least favorite because it’s so dumb) arguement from Trump trolls has always been that God can use Trump. Well, maybe God is using Comey. Maybe this is God’s way of giving us one last chance to get it right. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be praying a lot this week that McMullin can deny them both 270.


Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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