Did FBI Director James Comey Have an Ulterior Motive?

By, Jason Taylor 

It is glaringly conspicuous that none of the “new” emails are either from Mrs. Clinton or to Mrs. Clinton. So who exactly even has anything to gain by saying anything at this point, Hatch Act violations aside for the moment. If Comey was put up to this by the RNC or the Trump campaign, he will have erased all traces of that by now. If he did it on his own, his job might be in deservedly imminent peril as of now.

If Comey has some $750,000 a year job waiting for him as director of security at Koch Industries, or some similar company, we’ll only find out after he leaves his current position — one I’d think he’d be hard-put to justify retaining at this point. Now, I’m not saying there IS any concrete evidence that Comey is involved in anything like this. The journalistic investigations are ongoing. We have, at this point, no smoking gun proving that Comey did this for political motives or for money (or both). But it is the public’s duty to want to know and find out. The FBI Director has a high position with serious responsibilities, and it is the right and duty to find out if he is engaging in a partisan political activity.

This is a distraction. Not even Comey has seen the emails and they may be emails that have already been examined. Comey is engaging in insinuation and innuendo, taking a page from Donald Trump’s strategy, by dropping teasers instead of coming forward with solid evidence of Hillary’s having responsibility for, let alone knowledge of, the contents of Anthony Weiner’s “devices.” If Huma Abedin is the weak link, it is time to shorten the chain.

Trump is a Republican. His enablers and supporters, Christie and Giuliani, are also Republicans and former federal prosecutors who undoubtedly maintained communications with the F.B.I. as prosecutors. F.B.I. Director Comey is also a Republican who came from the New York vicinity, just like Trump, Christie, and Giuliani. Director Comey has twice now used the email controversy to harm Clinton’s reputation and standing, first with unnecessary criticism during the news conference in which he said she would not be charged with any crime but was “extremely careless” with the emails, and now, undermining her campaign with unproven facts that by innuendo convey a sense of wrongdoing.

Director Comey stated in his letter to Congress and his memo to the FBI that he did not know what was in those emails and didn’t know if there was anything pertinent in them. But Comey, violating Justice Dept and I presume FBI policy, went public with the statement anyway. He doesn’t even know if these emails are duplicate copies of what they have already seen. This is completely unprofessional conduct on the part of a law enforcement official.

All by his lonesome, Comey has managed to irritate both sides in this election. One can conclude this guy is either doing something so right or something so wrong he’s got everyone in an uproar. I seem to think it is less the former and more the latter.

The once pristine and admired FBI Director has been turned into a laughingstock. Acting like a befuddled Keystone Kop (google it, kids), Comey has been all over the place, caught betwixt and between all this nonsensical talk of emails. Are these the actions of a by-the-book law enforcement officer, or is he now so self-conscious, so concerned about his credibility, he needs to preempt investigations, giving the US all a heads-up before the preliminaries have begun? And with just over a week till we all have voted? A team of Hollywood writers (The Player?) could not dream up such a scenario, and if they did, we’d all say: hogwash, balderdash, poppycock, this could never ever happen.

And yet is has. And we the people have to decide, with all that is already known, is there anything that would change our opinions, anything that alters the fact that Hillary still stands head and shoulders above her odious opponent?

Director Comey faced a lose — lose decision. By releasing his statement, he has been accused of influencing the election. Had he not released it, he would be accused of protecting Mrs. Clinton. But the great flaw in Director Comey’s thinking is this: should Trump win the election as a result of Director Comey’s statement, and then it is subsequently determined that there is nothing in the emails to warrant further action against Mrs. Clinton, he will, in fact, and in substance, have changed the course of a Presidential election.

Donald Trump Goes to Court for the Fraud case next month, November 2016 and his Rape case in December 2016. Keep that in my mind America when you are casting your vote on November 8th, 2016.


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