Come November 8th, America Loses

By Lorana Hoopes

I’ve done a lot of reading this weekend about Comey’s announcement. I know a lot of people think it was done just to help Trump in the polls, but I don’t think so. A piece I read today discussed the low morale in the FBI and that Comey realized he had made the wrong choice by not filing criminal charges against Hillary earlier. So when a way to rectify that appeared in Weiner’s investigation, he jumped at it. I find this much more likely.

But what does this mean for the election?

I wrote in my last piece that Clinton supporters don’t really care about her email scandal. I don’t think this will deter them in the least, and while it may sway some independents, I doubt it will be a drastic swing.

So what happens if Clinton gets elected?

I think there should be some fear there. Whether the seized computers hold the deleted emails or not (the current speculation), the fact that Clinton knowingly deleted emails, bleached them, or destroyed devices after receiving a summons shows a person who thinks they are above the law. Wikileaks has also showed that the election was rigged for her. This shows a desperation of a person willing to do anything to get what they want, which should also scare us. On top of that is the list of people who suffer mysterious deaths who cross the Clintons. There is plenty to give us pause. If Clinton couldn’t protect national security information as Secretary of State, how much more danger could she pose to us as President? And what if the investigation does uncover criminal activity? Will they impeach her? Will she pardon herself?

But Trump is worse, you say. He does pose his own problems. Trump is a master at firing up the worst in people. He is creating a divide among people that we may never bridge. He also cannot be trusted with classified information because of his dangerous midnight tweeting issue. On top of all of that, he also has investigations going on, but of a very different nature. His rape case court date has been set for December. IF he’s elected and IF he’s found guilty, will we impeach him? Will he be able to pardon himself?

I personally think when both these candidates are so flawed that people on both sides have asked for the candidates to step down that we ought to be picking something different. It’s why I’m voting for Evan McMullin, but I know most people are still under this binary illusion of our election and are not willing to do that. Knowing that both of these people may be impeached shortly after taking office, does it change who you vote for? I know it would for me. I can’t vote Trump, but I could vote for Mike Pence.

Whatever happens next week, I fear for our country. I fear for our safety both from Isis threats and from threats inside our own government. I fear for the the mayhem that will erupt on November 8th regardless of who “wins.” Unless McMullin pulls out a miracle and denies them both 270, America loses on November 8th and for a long time after because if we can’t accept the good candidate now, I have very little hope that we will in the future.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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