Trump: Most Selfish Man In America

By Bobby M.

Considering just how toxic a campaign Donald Trump has run, which included a number of self-inflicted wounds, many people are saying (yes, intentional pun) he never wanted to be President. Two of the most prominent opinions that stated this were by a former Trump Super-Pac strategist and Michael Moore of documentary fame. But when you then consider the ego on that guy, it becomes harder to believe that assertion.

Donald Trump is so egotistical that he’ll plaster his name across anything and everything he can…especially tall skyscrapers. So if he is that full of himself, why is it a stretch to think he’d not want to write his name in the history books in the most prominent way possible? Also take his age into account. Someone with such a fixation on name recognition is probably feeling his mortality, lending credence to my wanting his name in history premise. Further proof of this can be submitted in how he was suggesting a statue of himself be created in Washington D.C. just after securing the republican nomination. Trump had not even won the presidency yet and he wanted a monument in his name?

Even during the process of this election season, Trump’s greed and selfishness has often taken center stage. The worst was when he just came off a critical primary victory and instead of talking about it and his campaign, he turned the press conference into an infomerical for many of his failed businesses. On a trip to Scotland just after “Brexit”, the bulk of his speech centered around discussing his golf course there. And there have been numerous other instances where his supposed political press conferences were more about promoting various business properties; including two in the past week alone.

Being the President of the United States should be about putting oneself into the most prominent position regarding public service to your country. But Trump does not want to govern anything as evidenced by the leaked conversations he had with John Kasich regarding being his running mate. Apparently Trump just wants to travel the country and continue to give his rallies while someone else handles all of the administrative duties. It does not take a huge stretch of the imagination to conclude that his selfish nature will try and continue selling his con to America while real work is being done by others.

You see, politics to Donald Trump is not about doing what is best for the people that live here. To him, it’s more about making a name for himself and proving to people that he could win a trophy. A man so obsessed with revenge would take advantage of the government to get back at anyone that ever slighted him. It should be obvious to everyone that Trump is not the type of person that should be in the White House. Putting a selfish man like him into the oval office will only lead to countless nightmares for both America and the entire world.


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