Along With Anthony Weiner, James Comey Has Just Become Infamous

By, Jason Taylor

It seems quite clear to me that James Comey is blatantly playing politics 10 days before the election. Comey is trying to throw the election to Trump, the proverbial October surprise. Comey is saying there are more emails but we have no idea what’s in them? What a load of malarkey. Unless nobody in the FBI can read, they already know what’s in those emails. They really think the American people are stupid. And Comey should be fired for using his position to help Donald Trump. Maybe Comey can prove himself impartial if he subpoenas The Apprentice tapes that purportedly show Donald Trump making sexual comments about female contestants on the show.

Is this the same FBI that supposedly does not have the resources to thoroughly pursue investigations against alleged terrorists? Investigating a case regarding dirty pictures sent by Anthony Weiner? And using that as a prelude to reignite controversy with a vaguely worded public statement that something was found that may or may not be significant to possibly the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes.

Am I the only one to wonder about the fact that every single email written by the most tangential associate of Hillary Clinton, even those stolen by the Russian government, is being investigated by every Republican in office, while nary an email or tax return or business dealing or lawsuit of Donald Trump elicits the slightest interest of Congress or the FBI? Comey is way out of line. And who are the mysterious agents who are chomping at the bit to destroy Hillary Clinton? If Comey is going to go public, it behooves him to be completely transparent. Name names, please.

Maybe I am naive but it smells like a witch hunt to me on the FBI’s part. It feels incredibly biased and seems very much like this man or whoever is behind leaking this memo is not impartial. Just the director’s words that the emails “may or may not be significant” feels very much like a witch hunt. I don’t care who you vote for in this country. The idea that the FBI Director has made such a biased decision and allowed it to get out to the general public should be very troubling to EVERY American. Hillary Clinton has clout and money. So does Donald Trump. They could fight these charges but the average blue collar American could not. The way the FBI has behaved feels very much like a police state in a country like China or Russia or North Korea. I’m not very happy with Hillary Clinton’s lack of tech savvy but one of our biggest rights in this country is to be considered “innocent until proven guilty”.

This is what happens when someone like Trump or the general Republican party is allowed to get away with grand lies, false accusations, hypocritical behavior, and demagoguery, with timid pushback from democrats. Can you imagine what the response would have been like if a republican president had been accused of being foreign-born and ineligible of holding the office of Presidency, with someone like Trump even demanding the public release of his birth certificate? Or if a Democratic House of Representatives had shut down the government under a republican president in an attempt to extract policy concessions from the other side, a form of blackmail? Do you know what a republican president would have said to that? He would have, without cessation, accused the democrats of endangering the security of the nation and giving comfort and aid to terrorists and other adversaries.

What if a Democratic Senate had repeatedly threatened to default on the national debt, costing our economy and eroding the faith of those who finance that debt, in more attempts to gain political leverage? A republican president would have fought back with such fierce retribution that the democrats would be still quaking in their seats. So when Trump and his allies say basically that the whole world is rigged and aligned against them and the democrats barely fight back against such hogwash, is it any wonder that pressure causes something like this new F.B.I. action.

This is irresponsible and simply unacceptable. I cannot understand why director Comey chose to act so prematurely. His pernicious words are helping Trump to convict secretary Clinton in a court of public opinions and insinuations. Now falsehoods are being constructed and disseminated as facts to the public. I have never witnessed such insidiousness. The timing is also excellent: Let us release a few kind words and let them simmer over the weekend. Director Comey needs to rectify this, quickly.

If Clinton is elected to the Presidency, there will be such a scream of outrage from the Trump followers that our government will be thrown into complete chaos, especially if they keep the Senate. No work will be done, militias will be formed at a rate far surpassing those that arose after Bill became President. Modern Presidents of both parties have graciously handed over power despite the anguish of their supporters — they were patriots and gentlemen. Trump is a Demagogue, an appalling Demagogue, neither a patriot nor a gentleman. He has been grooming his zealots for more than a year to become totally crazed if Hillary wins the Presidency.

A Presidency they fully believe belongs to THEM! Why? Simply put, it belongs to them because tens of millions of stalwart Republican voters and tens of thousands of followers fill his stadiums and they consider her a felon. Trump followers have no concept regarding what a small proportion of the voting public that represents. And they don’t respect the law. They just want “justice” and payback. Hillary’s presidency will be one of complete obstruction by the Republicans in Congress, unending investigations, and scurrilous attacks that will make Obama’s hate mail look quaint by comparison.

Reince Priebus, meanwhile, should be ashamed of how low he’s stooping in these statements. Comey’s letter clearly stated that the content of the emails was undetermined at that point; ergo, his decision to write that letter is not proof of a serious discovery, nor is it a stunning development. It’s only proof that, as stated, some emails that had not been accounted for previous were discovered. Dirty tricks and their endless investigations cost us poor taxpayers millions that could be used for roads and schools and better health care and reducing college tuition. It stifles debate about real issues. All this is enough to make an American voter sick with despair.

President Obama made a mistake when he appointed James Comey to his current position. Obama tried to be bipartisan with people who have no interest in the concept.  I’m sure Obama has already met with Comey to discuss his inappropriate July news conference. Today is strike two.  Call him back and ask for his resignation.  Let the career FBI people take this investigation wherever it needs to go, but 11 days before a national election we do not need a GOP wannabe politician running the FBI.

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  1. Very well wriiten, thought provoking and insightdul. So much truth in this piece I would like to see it publishes in the Washington Post for a wider audience.

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