Trump And His Surrogates Are Political Wreckage

By, Jason Taylor

Trump’s surrogates have tied themselves to a ship that is traveling to the Island Of Lost Souls. What they’ve said will hang over their heads to the day they die. Kellyanne and the other female Trump surrogates will have to answer to their daughters and granddaughters. My seven-year-old granddaughter heard some of Trumps blathering’s and asked, “Why is that man so mean.”

Who’s the all-time worst when it comes to groping women and bad marriages? That would be Trump, Gingrich, and Giuliani. They are the married sleazebags you see hanging out at the bar making snide, sexual comments about all the women in the room. It’s only natural that if one is in trouble for sexual issues, the others will back him up. Who else would be better at it? They are birds of a feather and they flock together. Do you really think any woman would look at these guys twice if they didn’t have money?

Of course Newt Gingrich doesn’t want anyone to talk about predatory men (apart from his personal nemesis, Bill Clinton), because all anyone sees when they look at Gingrich is another one of those guys who couldn’t keep it in his pants and had to cheat on his wife — while she lay in the hospital, dying of cancer. Of course, Gingrich supports Trump, because Trump’s medieval behavior and attitude toward women validate Gingrich and his reprehensible behavior.

I have no sympathy for Kellyanne Conway or Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich or anyone else who would help bring on the End Times for our country. But they’re not the real problem. They’re just taking advantage of a deplorable loss of faculties that we seem to have suffered. It’s fitting that Donald Trump has as campaign advisors a virtual trifecta of turpitude. Rudy Giuliani, based on his bizarre statements during this campaign, has apparently morphed from America’s mayor into America’s moron. Chris Christie personifies the paradox of a bullying, shameless, sycophant. Newt Gingrich,the disgraced former House Speaker, is a pseudo-intellectual fabricator, which was italicized by his comment that the key to understanding Barack Obama, was understanding “Kenyan anti- colonial behavior.”

This campaign has been a gigantic psychiatric session for The Donald and, you know what, he has not heard a word of it. He is still the same person he was as he came down the escalator in that gigantic testament to his ego know as Trump Tower, dragging his third trophy wife and dissing every Mexican in the country, as his paid back slappers cheered him on, wetting their lips in anticipation of getting the 50 bucks they’d been promised. It has been, in real terms, an enormous waste of time and energy. Sadly, the media has to bear some of the blame because they thought the Republican Party, and perhaps the rest of the nation, would be able to cure The Donald of his ways. But, alas, no matter how much television time he got, and still gets, for his utterly inane blathering’s, he is not satisfied.

We’re making heroic efforts to save our country, but I’m starting to wonder just what it is we’re trying to save. We’re 240 years old, and we’re doddering. We don’t recognize our friends anymore. We can’t tell the difference between leaders and losers. We wandered away from our core values and now we can’t find our way back home. We’re on the verge of soiling ourselves in front of the entire world. Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, we will no longer be able to recognize ourselves in the mirror.

Our nation’s founders had a lot of hope for us. They told us about the importance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but they didn’t mention what we should do if those things no longer seemed to matter to us. One thing they left out of the Declaration of Independence was what to do if we could no longer take care of ourselves. I think if they could have foreseen a nation that could elect someone like Donald Trump they might have added, “In the event of brain death Do Not Resuscitate.”

Once reputation meant something. Once we wanted our leaders to be better than ourselves. Once we told our children to be polite, respect others, and study hard, and be as prepared as a Boy or Girl Scout. Now some orange topped creature can lie non-stop, flip-flop more than a dolphin, proudly display his ignorance, misogynistic, and racist views, avoid servicing our country with cowardly deferments, avoid paying income taxes (because he’s so smart), and sexually assault others without punishment and yet the “poorly educated” folks still will chant his name.

I am eagerly looking forward to the day when I go 24 hours without reading or hearing the name ‘Donald Trump”, seeing his image, or hearing his voice. I would say that day is at best a few months away, provided I don’t slip into a coma in the meantime.

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