God Bless Utah

By Lorana Hoopes

In an election year when both parties put up the worst candidates possible, one state is bravely forging the way for a new path.

Utah, the highly Mormon state, has decided that they cannot abide by Trump’s vile behavior and egotistical personality. They’ve seen the wolf hiding under the Republican skin, and they are not impressed. Yet instead of praising Utah and following their example, Republican leaders, media, and bloggers are attacking them.

“It’s a vote for Hillary,” they say or “It’s a vote for Trump.” Let’s do a little math lesson shall we? If you vote for Hillary and I vote for Evan McMullin that’s one vote for Hillary, no votes for Trump, and one for Evan McMullin. Same if you vote for Trump, then it’s no vote for Hillary, one for Trump, and one for Evan McMullin. Voting third party does not help either party because it’s just that, a vote for a third party. If we’ve always voted black or white and suddenly we all vote for color, guess what? Color will win.

I read a blog today attacking Utah for not voting Trump because he wasn’t “Mormon enough.” The writer was basically saying that Utah is giving Trump the bird because not enough people supported Romney in 2012. How about Utah is just showing some principles and not voting for a man who thinks he can assault women just because he’s famous? How about Utah is deciding that neither of these candidates is fit to be President and they are choosing the better option?

Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton has been salivating to be President for thirty years or more. She is crooked and corrupt. Trump has also been throwing his hat in the ring for nearly twenty years, but no one took him seriously until this year. He tries to be the candidate for the people, but let’s be honest – he’s only out for himself and his brand. Evan McMullin waited until the last possible moment to enter because it wasn’t his dream to be president. He hasn’t been thinking about it for the last thirty years; he’s been defending our country, and he has no brand he’s trying to build – the guy had 180 Twitter followers when he started this. He truly just thinks the two primary candidates are awful and he wants to give voters an option.

The media has been largely ignoring Evan McMullin, probably because they see a decent candidate that people might rally behind and therefore topple their two party monopoly. They might actually have to investigate people rather than just picking a side and defending it blindly, but with Evan now leading in Utah, he’s starting to gain some attention. He even garnered the attention of Hannity, Trump’s biggest lapdog, who not only came out railing against the NeverTrumpers but also Evan McMullin. He wanted to know who encouraged Evan to run because supposedly he’s stealing votes from Trump. I’d love to hand Hannity a mirror and tell him he did. If Hannity, and the other media, had not been so fond of ratings and celebrity and had vetted Trump as they should, the Republicans would have a decent candidate running and Evan McMullin would probably not have joined the cause. So if anyone is to “blame” for Evan’s run, Hannity himself is pretty far at the top of the list.

It’s amazing to me how many of these people are disavowing their own principles in the name of winning. As long as Trump wins, it’s okay if he stirs up hate, it’s okay if he talks about assaulting women, heck it’s probably even okay if he does it so long as he stops Hillary. This is so short sighted and Utah has seen the light. They are no longer falling for the “you have to vote Republican line.” They are starting the trend to vote for better, more qualified candidates and we ought to be joining them.

I like Evan McMullin for a lot of reasons, but I had to smile when I read this tweet: “I hope Evan McMullin wins just to see Hannity’s reaction.”

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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