The Pendulum

By Greg Hornsby

We have a sort of scale that exists within politics. One extreme being total authoritarian rule and on the other extreme we have anarchy. We have a political pendulum in a sense. A swing too far to the right results in a swing correspondingly too far to the left. Whereas, when the pendulum makes a small move right or left, you end up with a tight range somewhere in the middle. It is stable.

Somewhere in the middle there exists a moderate. Moderates have no issue with living under a rule of law, but demand to be governed by the protection of individual liberties. Moderates don’t care about your race, creed, sexual orientation, or religion so long as you’re not violating the rights of others. They are not driven by power, money, or jealousy. They wish to live in peace with the ability to pursue their own happiness. What happened to moderation? Is it safe to say, in the core of our hearts, the majority of Americans are moderate even if they may not know it? After all, isn’t that why we’ve been so successful at times. I think most Americans would vote across party lines if they felt a candidate held to the moderate values of most of us.

Human nature dictates that when under attack, we either fight or flight. What modern politicians and their media subjects have figured out is that if you can lump a group of people with similar views together, label them, and attack them, you trigger the possibility of two responses: One, the people are complacent and give no objection and  your policy barrels through unabated; or two, they raise hell. You can invoke this instinct by catering to the rights and beliefs of a few at the expense of others’. When the fight instinct takes over, humans react without the ability to reason. The reaction is to immediately grab the pitchforks and torches and start the manhunt. Now, you have the division.

The aristocracy can use this to their advantage. It’s a fantastic age-old strategy: divide and conquer. That has been the core of our government’s public policy with the help of the subjugated media that capitalizes on the resulting chaos. In this cycle, Donald Trump divides, Hillary conquers. It’s more obvious today than it’s ever been.

We have a strong, overreaching government arm that has imposed its overbearing policies on the entire nation whether her people like it or not. Some people don’t like it and they are angry. They might feel that their rights are violated by these policies. Some people find these policies immoral and imposing and not the purpose of the federal government. You can include this author in the latter segment.

If we can reason, we can see that it would be easy for someone like a Donald Trump to manipulate and play on the anger of a large swath of the population and get a strong reaction. The people that feel stampeded by the policies of their government appear to finally have that voice. Or so they think. A reasonable person has little difficulty knowing that Donald Trump is not a man of virtue. He is attempting to sell us the fact that by the gaining the “all-powerful” position of the presidency, he can single-handedly change the country. I’m afraid not. The rise of Donald Trump is a direct result of the weak yet imposing policies of division imposed by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party-a far left swing of the pendulum. The rise of Donald Trump is, consequently, nothing but the far right swing of the pendulum.

Hillary Clinton is the other half of the equation. She is promoting herself under the guise of working for the poor and middle class and being our provider of all things so we don’t have to work so hard. She’s going to take from the rich and give to the poor and spend money creating jobs for hard working individuals like you-the typical Democratic jargon. Fortunately for us, her track record has been available for public scrutiny for some time. She will continue the policies of the current administration. Poverty is growing, costs are rising, and every second the government borrows against our children’s futures. The administration that she is a part of has promised us everything and has produced nothing. The talking points all sound really nice, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Hope and Change…well, we’re waiting.

What America is yearning for is a government that protects the God given rights of every citizen while maintaining their safety and security. America, let’s sit down, take a deep breath and think about this before we react. Our futures depend on it. Let’s demand that our government is doing what it’s intended to do, nothing more and nothing less. Let it protect the Liberty of its people, protect the freedom of its markets, and ensure the safety of its people. The government is doing much more than those three basic things right now, and we can expect that it will continue under the leadership of the two major party candidates on the ballot. We are essentially divided right down the middle in this country. That tells me that it would be easy to re-unite around someone in the middle of the spectrum knowing the fact that we must all give just a little to get there.

I implore you to start looking elsewhere. Look to someone who values the vital programs that care for the needy who can’t get out of poverty by means of labor, but reform the programs to provide incentive to the needy that can get out of poverty by means of labor; look to someone that values the unwavering courage and sacrifice of our soldiers and will give them the freedom to get the care they need from physicians they choose; look to someone that will shrink the regulatory arm of the government and let our economy thrive; look to someone that values the life of a child yet to be born and protects their rights to life and Liberty; look to someone that values the role America plays in plays in the world in promoting Liberty and preserving human dignity.

On November 8th, you’re going to have to ask yourself which candidate promotes all of these things. Our country needs stability amidst the chaotic state of the world. It takes a special kind of person to be my president and I expect nothing less. Neither should you. Enter Evan McMullin.

You probably don’t know Evan. He’s been around in a somewhat quiet manner as a member of the CIA and also in the banking industry. He has extensive experience in government and economics. What got me was why he entered the race and at such a late time. He waited until the very last minute to see if someone else with the aptitude to be President of the United states would step up and no one did. That tells me that the man is not in this in pursuit of power or nostalgia or greed. He didn’t really want to do it. Kind of George Washington-esque. He has a love of country.

So, I looked at his positions on the issues very carefully and by God, he’s a moderate. He understands. He gets it. He’s not far right. He’s not far left. He doesn’t run on division. I’m beginning to wonder if he even is a real person. But I digress. If you want to vote your conscience, you need know about him.

Let our pendulum settle into a nice tight rhythm in the center. Every one of us yearns for stability. Let us have it and speak loudly on November 8th. Let it be remembered as a day when America settled down and regained her footing.

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